Saturday, August 24, 2013

Girls Camp

I  serve in my church's Young Women's presidency and I have loved every minute of it! So far, it's been one of my favorite callings. Once a year, we have Girls camp. This year we got to go to Apencrest

I know that the girls had a very fun time, but the leaders had a BLAST!! I was even able to stay overnight for 3 nights :) 
 I drove some of the girls to the camp...

 We pitched out tents...

and decorated our little "spot"

Our Stake theme was "Stand in Holy Places" and our ward value was Divine Nature...

We got to do roll call, sing a longs, and played some games...

we played "ninja"

Which involved lots of jumping.... 

The 3rd years got to go on an overnight hike. 

Bryn, me, Lexi, Victoria, Orissa

We hiked....

and hiked to a nearby creek.

Our ladies decided to be tough and rough it. We decided to sleep out on the field, without tents, under the stars.  It got SOOOO cold right away. We told stories and had our dinners. Before we knew it, it was dark. We could hear the stream of water and crickets everywhere. The moon and the stars were bright. The temperature got into the mid 20's! No one slept a wink. haha
We awoke with frost completely covering our sleeping bags! It was SO cold, but we managed to pack up and head back to camp. 

Lexi and I told each other our life stories.(and stories about ex boyfriends.. and the story of how we came to find our husbands) 



Our president Sheri

Me and Bryn

Lexi playing a temple guessing game. 

We had to do a skit and performed it for all the Stake girls to see. The skit included Michael Jackson, Taylor swift, The Spice Girls, Kristen Stewart, Kanye West, Ellen Degeneres, and Brittney Spears. Such a weird combo of celebrities but it was the bomb! We even had the dances all choreographed. Sheri, Lexi, and I were the Spice Girls. Can you guess which spice I was? hehe

Singing camp songs by the fire

Roasting hot dogs

 Sheri, Lexi, and I all love our callings. We were meant to be a presidency together :) Not to mention we had tons of fun together.  I don't know if the girls or leaders next to us slept well because we were laughing so hard! We were telling each other more stories throughout the nights...

More hiking and enjoying the lovely beauty that God has created. 

 Our Stake Young Women

It was such a blast! I hope I get to do this again next year!

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