Friday, May 31, 2013

A trip to the zoo!

These boys are so silly sometimes.  They keep me soooo busy too- and lately they have been dying to go to the zoo.

We finally got to go to the zoo and went with some close friends of ours Rhett and Jen (and their kids Jolie and Rafe)

 Andy and Jolie loved playing in the tunnels together

we saw the really tall giraffes...

and came face to face with an angry Gorilla

 Ben and Jolie loved hanging out together and holding hands. Jen and I have already arranged Ben and Jolie's marriage.  But Jolie's daddy has her on a tight leash... Literally... hahaha!

Riding the carousel was also a favorite.

After the zoo we celebrated Jolie's birthday!

and Jen made some mouth watering vanilla cupcakes

What a fun day!

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