Monday, April 22, 2013

Andy is 2!

Time flies! Andy is 2 years old now. He has brought SO much joy into our family.

 This little boy cannot stop smiling everywhere he goes. It's contagious and we love it!

He was happy about the candles and he blew all 2 of them out all by himself. He's had some practice ever since Ben's birthday last summer. 

He got some Duplos legos and Disney diecast cars for his presents. He LOVES Cars and he enjoys building Lego towers- but what he enjoys most is knocking off the towers that Ben builds. hahaha

That's Andy for ya! Happy Birthday my love!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I always hear people complain about how Utah is so cold, and blah blah blah....
People!!!! Have you been to Rexburg in the winter? Have you experienced a Minnesota winter?!

Utah is like heaven! At least to me. We had 70 degree temperatures in early March. How awesome is that? Rexburg has wicked wind in the winter and Minnesota is still covered in snow and it's almost the end of April. 

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed a wonderful little outing after General Conference. 
To start off, General Conference was awesome! So many great talks given. I can't wait until October for the next session. After Sunday's conference we had a fun time taking a walk around the area. Although it was just a little trail off a bike path it made me excited for this summer. We hope to go camping, hiking, and doing the "outdoor" activities that I enjoyed so much as a kid. 

Steve showed the kids how to skip rocks. Except that the kids really can't do that yet. It was fun just to watch the boys throw the rocks into the air and watching them land in the water.

Andy loved walking around the trail

and he even began collecting rocks along the way

and both Ben and Andy loved jumping around like frogs

and then I joined in.. haha

who doesn't love a good hop?

Such a fun and memorable day and weekend we had. Summer is coming and we can't wait!

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