Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ben's Favorite Things

This is my Ben. He LOVES to exercise and show off his muscles!

He also loves to goof around...

 and he loves to read books. One of his favorites is Go, Dog, Go. He almost has it memorized and he can pretty much "read" it all by himself.

Among other things, his favorite past time is tugging the little hairs on the side of his head. He does this while he drinks water, when he needs comfort, and when he is in deep thought. He's been doing this ever since he was a little baby.

This little boy also loves to be serious and get his pictures taken :)
He has the best gaze. I love his eyes! 

That's my Ben! Love him So much!


  1. Kid's going to be a lady killer, with those eyes!

  2. such great photos and a cute boy to boot! :)


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