Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby G's incident

So January 18th, I received some horrible news. My cousin Mike's baby had suffered an unknown injury and he was life flighted to Primary Childrens.

My cousin Mike was going through a divorce and was about to head out to the National Guard training to start a new life, we were even planning a suprise party for him that week. Then it happened. There were so many unknowns and unanswered questions, but all signs pointed to abuse. Baby G. had been a victim of abusive head trauma, and the abuse had been so severe, that he stopped breathing and had to be revived. 

The first report we heard is that he most likely wasn't going to make it through the night. Luckily with lots of faith and prayers, and all the helpful hospital staff, Baby G. survived.  My cousin Mike was so torn and my family was so devastated about this incident. My family members came into town and we all visited Mike and Baby G on a daily basis. We brough meals, took turns keeping them company, and did our best to support them. 

These are pictures I took of baby G back in July. He was one of the happiest babies I knew. 

So who in the world would do such a thing to an innocent little baby? Even though we knew the person that did this to him, we still asked that question.  

Baby G's mom had left him with her boyfriend (who at the time, I don't think anyone had known that he had history of Child abuse).  Baby G. was so little and vulnerable and the worst happened. The man struck him out of frustration and thus begins a whole series of events. 

The following is the news story coverage from KSL:

AMERICAN FORK — A man has been charged with child abuse after police say he hit a 10-month-old baby, causing a brain injury and blindness.
Police were dispatched to an American Fork residence on Jan. 18 after receiving a call that a baby boy was unconscious and not breathing. The baby was transported to Primary Children's Medical Center, where doctors discovered severe bleeding on the brain and massive retinal hemorrhages.
Upon further investigation, medical specialists said that the injuries were commonly associated with abusive head trauma, also known as "shaken baby syndrome."
Police found the baby was being watched by his mother's boyfriend, Robbie MacDonald, during the reported time of injury. After being questioned by authorities, MacDonald gave a written statement to police saying he laid the baby down for a nap and later found him unresponsive.
However, during a subsequent interview, MacDonald changed his statement by saying that he accidentally tripped and dropped the baby on the floor. Doctors informed police officers that the trauma found on the baby was not consistent with a single drop.
After conducting a criminal background check, police found that MacDonald had previously been convicted of child abuse in 2007.
After denying having anything to do with the incident, MacDonald admitted that he had become frustrated with the baby and struck him. MacDonald has been booked in the Utah County Jail on child abuse charges.
The baby is currently unresponsive at Primary Children's Medical Center and is being fed through a tube.

So, as much as we would like the world to stop moving, life goes on. We had to accept the fact that it happened, it was irreversible, and the world continues to turn. There's lots of emotions from both sides of the families. 
Mike for now has delayed his training until we have a better idea of how Baby G will recover. Baby G. can blink, and seems to react to light, but he cannot focus or see objects in front of him. He can't babble, and he can't hold his head up. But he can move his arms and legs on his own now. He continues to show improvement and we hope that he can make a miraculous recovery. 

Family in town. 

Cousin Mike and Baby G. 

Celebrating Baby G's. First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Baby G! We love you so much and hope to see many many more Birthdays!

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