Monday, November 26, 2012

Fun with leaves!

A few weeks ago we all went to a park just outside of town. Most of the time parks are very well kept and all the fall leaves are picked up and everything else looks so clean. Well, lucky us... That specific park still had leaves everywhere! We definitely took advantage of it.

 The kids started out picking up the leaves and looking at them up close. Then... this happened!

 So the fight was on. Steve and Andy vs. Ben

Then Andy joined in alliance with Ben. 

The kids were So thrilled!

Even Andy couldn't get enough!

They were having so much fun, that even another little kid joined in!

Then, Andy and Ben decided to throw the leaves on top of me!

 Little Stinkers!

Watch out! I'm pretty sneaky!

We had a BLAST!!! Memories were made. I LOVE my family. 


  1. Umm Holy Smokes Vivian! You look AWESOME! Just wanted to tell you! :)

  2. You are so skinny! You look awesome, and you're family is adorable :)


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