Monday, November 26, 2012

Fun with leaves!

A few weeks ago we all went to a park just outside of town. Most of the time parks are very well kept and all the fall leaves are picked up and everything else looks so clean. Well, lucky us... That specific park still had leaves everywhere! We definitely took advantage of it.

 The kids started out picking up the leaves and looking at them up close. Then... this happened!

 So the fight was on. Steve and Andy vs. Ben

Then Andy joined in alliance with Ben. 

The kids were So thrilled!

Even Andy couldn't get enough!

They were having so much fun, that even another little kid joined in!

Then, Andy and Ben decided to throw the leaves on top of me!

 Little Stinkers!

Watch out! I'm pretty sneaky!

We had a BLAST!!! Memories were made. I LOVE my family. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

October and Halloween

September came and went, and nothing really interesting happened to us in September. Ben and Andy both took full advantage of playing outside in the playground before it got cold. It's so sad that all the leaves are gone :(   Oh, well... Christmas will be here soon anyways and I can't wait!

Lately both kids have been really into eating cereal. That's all they want to eat! When Ben is hungry, he wants to eat cereal. So, here they are enjoying their new favorite snack.

As you can tell, Andy is still mastering the art of eating with a spoon. 

So around Halloween, we took the kids out to the ward "trunk-or treat"
Ben wanted to be a superhero, so his costume was easy. We used a double sided cape that Grandma Debby made for him. He had a choice to be Superman or Batman, so he picked Batman. 

The only thing he really wanted to do was to fly, but we told him that Batman doesn't fly. He's just cool like that. Andy was a puppy.. hehe. He hated wearing his costume.

 But we thought he made a really cute puppy. 

This year I decided I wanted to hand out something different other than candy. As my lifestyle has changed from eating practically anything to whole foods, I want to practice what I preach. I handed out some packaged all natural kettle corn (and mini twix bars in case the kids hated me, haha!) . So kids got to pick. I was surprised that my popcorn ran out faster than my candy. I'll have to try it again next year. 

Ben really enjoyed pumpkin bowling at the trunk or treat activity day
Andy kept on tossing his bean bags from close range and picking them back up.

We also went to a pumpkin patch/farm where Ben and Andy got to pick their pumpkins.

Ben picked out a huge one and we picked out a little one for Andy. Then we carved them. Andy really enjoyed taking the guts out of his pumpkin. Ben preferred to leave the dirty work to dad. 
On Halloween day we went to Steve's work (VBFA). They hosted a trick-or-treat. I took the boys in and we were met by lots of other kids with overflowing buckets and bags of candy.

 To my surprise, the big executive engineers were handing out full size candy bars. So very quickly the pumpkin buckets were filling up. We met some of Steve's co workers and got to see where Steve's "cubiffice" is ( an office split into 2 cubicles). Anyways, we ended up with TONS of candy, so we decided to skip the door-to-door trick or treating. I had to give Steve all the big size candy bars and left the fun size candy for the kids. I HATED having all that candy around. It was tempting me! I did have a few kit kats and snickers but I tried to keep them out of sight. It's hard to be losing weight and seeing all the junk food around. Overall, it was fun for the kids though. They LOVED getting candy and I loved watching their reactions. Too cute! 

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