Friday, August 24, 2012

A Cool Trick! A Cool Trick!

So Ben has been watching "Yo- Gabba- Gabba" a slightly annoying, bizzare, but musically awesome TV show for kids. They have this segment called "Cool Tricks." In one of the episodes a kid makes a spoon stick to his nose. Lo and behold a few days later, Ben comes to us with a spoon and says, "Cool Trick- a Cool Trick!" He grabs the spoon and tries to do the trick. To our astonishment- He got it on the first few tries.

I just had to get a picture of him doing it. Yes folks! This is my very talented son!

Andy has a talent as well. He smiles ALL the time! His smile is contagious!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Living in Sandy- July

So,  time has sure gone by fast. We have lived here in sandy Just over a month now and so far we like it a lot. Our new town home is pretty big so the kids can run around and be free. We looked everywhere for a good deal, but it just turns out that housing in Utah is expensive anyhow, especially if you want 3 bedrooms. Our 1st floor has just as much space as our whole entire apartment that we lived at in Rexburg. Haha! I can't believe we lived in such a tiny space for over 3 years. We may buy a house eventually, but we need to save up for a down payment. This will do for now.

Steve likes his new job so far. It's a small company with lots of engineers. Steve never really got official training. It was more like they just showed him the basics and put him to work. He has lots of deadlines to meet, but he enjoys it. His team specifically works on the Temples of the LDS church. Yep! My hubby is currently helping with the designing of the plumbing for the Tijuana Temple that will open soon. He's also working on the new Provo temple and the temple in Argentina. It is very challenging because not only does he have to know the national code, but he's got to also learn the building code for other foreign countries. 

I'm glad that he's really good at math and calculations. There is a lot of responsibility involved. 

 The other day he came home with a BIG smile and showed me his new business card: 

 It was pretty sweet! I'm so proud of him! Can you tell? :) 

So far Sandy seems like an awesome place to live. They had a great 4th of July celebration/parade. Ben got to spend time watching the firefighters and police crew. He even sat inside the fire truck!

Ben also really enjoyed jumping and sliding on the inflatable games

Even the life flight helicopter landed at the festival
 We even had a delicious lunch at with my cousins and their families. All while nervously watching the authorities extinguish a wildfire. It ended up being contained the next day.

 Our city is so cool! Sandy had an awesome fireworks show to our left and and on the right side, there was a Real Salt Lake Soccer Game that ended with fireworks! (We live a few blocks away from the stadium) Both  set of fireworks were going at the same time.

The next week, Steve's family came to see us and spent a few days with us. We had so much fun, especially playing in our building's pool. 

We also got to visit Mike and Katie. They live a half hour away now :)  Katie is having a baby soon!

The kids also LOVED playing with Mike and Katie's dog- TBone

Tbone is a one of a kid dog! Look at that tongue! LOL!

After a few days it was time for Debbie and Karl to head back to MN, but not before Ben could take a portrait of them wearing funny hats!

Ben has become a photographer as well, he has himself a real film camera that actually works! (just don't tell him there's no film in it) Shhhhhh! hehehe

He'll be a pro one day I'm sure :)

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