Monday, June 18, 2012

April & May, Grandma comes to visit.

A little while back  Grandma Debby came to visit. She was mainly here to help my sister-in-law, Kelly, with her brand new baby boy. It was so much fun to have her here, not to mention, the boys LOVED being with her.

After she left, Ben kept on saying "Grandma need to come back" He loved grandma.

I also ended up taking pictures of Kelly's baby (of course),  Isn't he so cute? He slept the whole time, which made posing him much easier. 

 Ben enjoys riding his bike. Back in March, we bought him a bike since he kept on asking for one. It turned out to be a big hit. He loves to ride his "Lighting McQueen" bike and when he passes strangers on the side walk he would say, "Hi! Look at my new bike! It's Lighting McQueen!" he loves showing off his bike to EVERYONE, including grandma.

Andy enjoys playing soccer, he enjoys kicking the ball. Here he is outside of our newest apartment lawn.

He  doesn't stop smiling. I'm telling you, he is THE smiliest baby on earth! He is always so happy. I love this little kid So much! He is unbelievable!

Ben has also been helping us cook and bake. Everytime you start cooking, he pulls up a chair next to you and wants to stir and put stuff in the pot. He wants to chop and slice (with his plastic knife), and he wants to taste. His favorite treats are brownies!

 I love my big boy! I love all my boys!

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