Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas in Utah 2011

After Steve's graduation, we all traveled to Utah to visit some family. We arrived to see this crazy dude again! Chris!

Really though, he is the best cousin ever! He also passed the BAR exam and is officially a lawyer! It's nice to  know that there is a lawyer in the family, you know, just in case. :)

We also got to meet his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend Becca!

Those two are meant for each other. I hope she becomes a part of our family because she is amazing (and so is her family).  

We started Christmas by going to Church, then opening presents shortly thereafter. 
Santa came to Utah and gave Ben and Andy lots of presents!

Becca was on Santa's "naughty" list and instead of coal, Santa gave her a box with half eaten cereal. (it was an inside joke)

Uncle Chris got to open his presents with Andy on his lap

Aunt Gloria  got a federal income tax textbook from Chris (inside joke)

Chris also gave Becca a textbook, "Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy." (So she could read it on her spare time). 

Despite all the gag presents, we DID get real great gifts. 

 We also got to enjoy a delicious dinner at Becca's mom's house.

We also spent some time with Mike and his expecting wife Addie. Baby Gabriel will be coming sometime in February. 

Throughout our time there, we ate some Guatemalan tamales. (A once a year tradition) ....

We got to visit Steve's brother's family. Brian, Alicia, and Claire. Claire and Andy loved to play with the same toys. It was too cute to watch. 

And.... I got to take pictures of their awesome family!

We also got to visit Temple Square and enjoy the beautiful 50 degree December weather. 

We had so much fun, and we hope to visit Utah again soon! 

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