Monday, October 24, 2011

Okay, Okay (September Edition)

Yeah, okay..... I have been slacking in terms of my family blog. I just seem to put it off, and then when I remember, I am too busy to post. Last thing I posted about was back in August.... Well, There are some things to catch up on. So here's just a quick recap with a few pictures of course :)

September was okay, nothing too big... 

I no longer work at Seasons.
I'm looking for a job elsewhere. No luck yet. Everyone and their dog is a Nurse in Rexburg. 
We visited Grandma and Grandpa Lewis in Downey.
It is now fall. Where did they time go?
Andy is as cute as ever :)

Ben LOVES his basketball

Andy tried his first bit of cereal

And... he now loves it of course.

We are a happy family!

Taken By Aly Willis

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