Monday, October 24, 2011

Okay, Okay (October Edition)

Yeah, okay. I was a slacker. No October posts till now..... Here's the recap:
Last week I went to Minnesota and had the chance to photograph Steven's cousin(Todd)'s wedding! 

I also got to see and spend time with my dear mom-in-law, Debby and her family. 
Andy was so drooly- and I found out that he had just gotten his first tooth!

Andy did great on the airplane, and he got lots of interaction with strangers at the airport. He sure loves to smile at everyone :)

I picked up on Crocheting: Since I photograph some newborns in my at-home studio, I didn't feel like buying some cute crocheted hats for $20 +, so I decided that I was going to make my own. I learned via You-Tube, and then I took off. :-)   I started out with a newborn bunny hat....

then an aviator hat:

I have also done a newborn tiara, and a hat for me :) It has been pretty fun. I like learning new things.  I also did some of my own headbands for cute newborn girls. Props can be expensive, but I can reduce the cost if I make my own props.

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