Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter 2011 and the transition to two kids

On the Saturday before Easter we decided to participate in our city's "Easter Egg Hunt."  This was the first time we went. The signs and posters said it would be at the High school's field and would start at 9 am SHARP! So we were there just before that.  The parking lot was full so I dropped Steve and Ben off so we wouldn't miss the start. I finally found parking and put Andy in my Moby Wrap so I could carry him around. I heard the horn go off and I heard kids laughing and screaming. From the time I heard the horn and crossed the parking lot, it was OVER.

What??? I thought to myself. That can't be!

 I couldn't find Steve so I called him.

Me: Where are you?
Steve: I'm by the car, where are you?
Me: I'm at the field. Why are you by the car?
Steve: It's over
Me: What?! That was it????!
Steve: Yeah, it lasted like 30 seconds.
Me: Hahahaha!!! Did Ben get any eggs?
Steve: Yeah he got one. Then some kid gave him a few more.
Me: Awww. Poor Ben! (chuckle)

The other kid was very nice to give Ben some of his own eggs. Apparently Ben had no idea what was going on and when the horn went off he just stood there. Steve helped him pick up one egg but there were so many kids around that there weren't any more eggs left. Basically there were hundreds of eggs laid out in an open field and hundreds of people around. This was no easter egg hunt. It was an Easter egg scramble! The saddest part was when we headed back to our car and we saw a mom with 3 kids. Two of her little girls were crying and saying, "I didn't get ANY eggs!"

When we got home and opened the eggs, we found one piece of small candy (tootsie roll) in each egg. We had fun laughing at what we got. We decided to have our own easter Egg hunt. We bought tons of candy and filled each egg with the most candy we could. We gathered a few friends that have toddlers and set up our own Easter egg hunt. A "real" hunt. We hid them, but made them easy to find. Ben knew what he was supposed to do this time and he did it well. :)

On Easter Sunday we went to church, came home and skyped with my mom, and went to our good friends home (Missy and Marq's) and had an extremely excellently decadent Easter dinner. That was so awesome and Yummy. I am going to miss Marq and Missy when they move to Arizona this summer, but who knows, maybe we will get to visit them if we end up living there for Grad school or for Steve's future job. 

Almost four weeks have gone by since Andrew came into the world and so far it has been a wonderful 4 weeks. Having two kids is not as bad as I thought. I expected it to be really chaotic. I expected to be extremely sleep deprived and drained of energy. It has been like the opposite of what I expected. It was a little stressful the first few days home because of the adjustments of having a toddler and a newborn, but now that I'm used to it, I love it!  I have just been really blessed. Ben also LOVES his baby brother. He gives him lots of kisses everyday, and when the baby cries Ben tries to put the pacifier back in or tries to rock the baby on his bouncer. He once tried to pick him up- that was quite a surprise, but now he knows that he shouldn't pick him up. 

Andy had his nights and days mixed up until he was about 5 days old. Now, he sleeps through most of the night and only wakes up to feed 2-3 times a night.  Last night, he slept for 5 hours straight without waking up. What a little angel.  Everyday he gets a little bit bigger and cuter. 

Here is Andy having his first bath. The only times he cried was when I took him out of the water and he got cold. 

The day after we got home Ben decided that after he was done eating his yogurt, he would pour the leftovers on his head. Oh dear!

He managed to style his hair like an old man.

At the end of the day though, I forget all the crazy things they have done. I LOVE my boys!

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