Monday, April 25, 2011

Andy's Birth Story

I must say that this was quite the birth experience for me. It all started last Monday morning. I woke up around 7 to Ben pounding on the door wanting to come out of his room. I then realized my contractions were actually a little uncomfortable and painful with lower back discomfort. I had a Dr's Appointment that morning at 10:20 but having been in labor for more than 24 hours with my first pregnancy, I wanted to know if I should go when scheduled, or go later when I'm more dilated.  I was told to go in right away. So I took a hot shower to help me relax and headed to the doctor's office. I practiced some of the hypnobirthing techniques I had read from a hypnobirthing book. So far contractions were a little painful, but I was relaxed and focused. The contractions were about 4 minutes apart.

At the office, my midwife checked me and found me dilated to 4cm and 90% effaced. She pretty much told me I was going to have the baby that day. I didn't really believe it though. She told me I could either go to the hospital and check in, or go home and relax until the contractions get closer together. We chose to go home. 

Steve made me a hot soup and I sat on the couch timing each contraction. We called my sister in law Kelly and asked her if she could come over and take care of Ben in case we went to the hospital. She was to come around 1pm. I had a visiting teaching appointment set up at noon and I was determined to go since the contractions weren't as painful (but that was around 10 am). At 11, I realized I was definitely not going to make it! 

We let Ben take a nap while things progressed. At 12:30 contractions got more intense and I realized that if we didn't head to the hospital, I was going to have the baby at home. Steve asked our upstairs neighbors (The Rileys) to watch Ben until Kelly got here. 

At 12:45 we call the midwife and began to head to the Hospital. Steve was still  packing some stuff. As I opened the door to go outside, my water breaks (just a trickle though). Without any time to change we go in the car. At this point I was still able to walk and talk during contractions. 

We park and head up the hospital elevator. There was an old couple in the elevator and they seemed pretty nervous when they saw me have a contraction. We arrived at Labor and Delivery, but we had to answer some questions first. I was going to preregister on that very day, but I ended up going into labor instead. After a few questions, we check into the hospital at 1pm. They put me in a room and the nurses begin to scramble. My midwife is already there and checks me. I was dilated to a 6. 

I gave the nurses my birth plan, which basically said that I didn't want an epidural, IV fluids, or anesthesia. This time I wanted to do it ALL NATURAL. 

At 1:45 my contractions were less than 2 minutes apart and I felt intense pressure and the urge to push. With no time to check me again my midwife gave me the okay to push. After about 4 contractions and about 10 minutes, I pushed the baby out!! It was very awkard- especially since I actually had pain sensations down there. With Ben, I had an epidural and I had no pain whatsoever. This time, it was the real deal. 

The contractions were painful but I was able to manage the pain pretty well- I think. The most painful part was the pushing. Holy Cow! It felt like there was no more room to accommodate the baby's head. Steve and the nurses were all saying "Puuuuuuuuush!!!"  

" I AM PUSHING!!!" I replied. What if pushing took hours like it happens to some moms? I decided this was not going to happen to me. I immediately gave my biggest "push" ever and heard them all say "his head is out!"  He finally came out! Once he was out though, the pain was immediately over- it was incredible!

The baby was placed in my chest right away and I was able to hear his cry for the first time. My hands and body were shaking, but I didn't care- I had just given birth! I had an amazing birth crew with incredible nurses. I also had a wonderful and supportive husband that helped me through it all. He held my hand, he rubbed my back, he continually repeated "you can do it!" and  "push!"  We both couldn't believe it. All this happened so fast. Less than 7 hours of labor and one beautiful baby boy.

Andrew was born at 1:58 pm on April 18th 2011. He weighed 8 pounds 8 oz and was 20 inches long. He couldn't be any more perfect! Andy had perfect timing because the last day of coverage for my insurance was on the 18th. Ha! I think the Lord answered our prayers. Who wants to be stuck with a pricey hospital bill? not us. 

Here is Andy just a few minutes old. What a little trooper!

Big Brother Ben comes to visit just a few hours later. He held Andy for the first time and he LOVES his new baby brother.

His favorite thing to do? Kiss baby Andy's head.

Our first family picture with the new baby. Can't wait for our family photo shoot in June!

 All snugly in his car seat ready to go.

One more big brother and baby shot. Ben is excited!

Of course, I had to include this newborn photo-shoot picture of Andy. He is very photogenic! He is my little cuddly teddy bear. 

Thank so much to those who helped us out with Ben and who took care of us the days after the birth! Kelly, you are the best! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maternity Pictures- about time!

I was looking through my pictures a while ago and I realized that I didn't have any pictures of me and my belly. Most of the pictures taken were of my face or didn't emphasize "the belly." When I was pregnant with Ben, it was fun to see my progress and I took several pictures of me at different times. I realized that the reason why I did that was because I was so excited about pregnancy that I wanted to document every single process. I felt that if I took belly pictures again this time, it wouldn't make such a difference because I already knew what I looked like pregnant.

I decided to get some maternity pictures this time so this baby could see what I looked like when I was carrying him. And so... I asked my husband to take pictures of me. Unfortunately, Steve wasn't in any of the pictures, but I did manage to get a few with Ben and I. Steve did a pretty good job for not being a photographer. I did have to do all the settings and final editing though, but the rest was all him. Yay!

and this last one, just shows you the out takes of the the photoshoot. 
Do you think kids are always the perfect little angels you see in pictures? NOT!

haha! Can't wait till his sibling is old enough to understand how Ben felt at the time! :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vivian's Graduation (BSN edition)

Yes folks, I have finally graduated with my Bachelors Degree! I don't just mean "finally" because it was difficult, or it felt like I was here for a long time. The fact is, I HAVE been going to college for a LONG time!

How long you ask? Well, I have been attending BYU-I since 2004! Yes, I admit I have been going to college for 7 years! While all my high school friends have gone and received Masters Degrees, I was here getting my undergraduate education. It wasn't really all that bad though. 

I began my BYU-I journey as a Biology Major doing pre-med. I originally wanted to be a pediatrician. Then, realizing that I didn't have to major in Biology to go to med school, I switched my major to Health Science. I really liked studying public health. After taking more biology and chemistry generals, I decided that Med school was not for me. What I really wanted to be, was a nurse. I knew this all along, however, I just wanted to go for the higher degree (MD). I also had the feeling that this is what Heavenly Father wanted me to do for now. 

As I prepared to apply for nursing school, I learned that once you had over 30 credits, you had to get all the pre requisites for nursing done before you even applied for the nursing program. I began to take all the pre reqs in the Winter semester of 2005. After so much hard work and hardly any social life I finished all the requirements and I applied for the program in the summer of 2007. Now, some people already know that the BYUI nursing program is EXTREMELY competitive: Hundreds of applicants and only 42 spots and once in the program if you got a final grade of 74% or less, you got kicked out. The department had stated that the average GPA of admittance was 3.7-3.8. This discouraged me a little since my GPA was 3.6, but I applied anyways because I felt good about it. Some of my classmates had applied more than twice until they got in. 

I got lucky. I got accepted on my first try. I found out I had gotten into the program and was to start January 2008. I met Steve over my fall break and we ended up getting engaged. Steve was attending school in MN and was planning to transfer to BYUI sometime later. After realizing how hard I worked on getting into the program, I convinced Steve to move to Rexburg. 

Because the nursing program is very structured and you have to take courses back to back. Anyone starting the program had to "start over." So technically, I had to start my quest for a degree all over, except this time I had all the generals out of the way. I graduated with my Associates Degree in Nursing (ASN), and passed my board licencing exams in the summer of 2009 (while pregnant with Ben). Click here for the official post. 

I applied for the Bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) and started in January 2010. All that time I was only going to school half-time and working as an RN while being a mommy. It was tough, but I can assure you that it CAN be done. I realized that both times I graduated I was pregnant. :-)

I have enjoyed going to BYU-Idaho. It is a wonderful University and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking a positive learning experience... 

And now, without further ado....... I present myself!   Yay! Congrats for me!

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