Sunday, February 27, 2011

A look at the past and a warning...

Ben is a year and a half today. Time sure went by so fast. I can't believe that 18 months ago I gave birth to such a beautiful baby! It's unbelievable that I will be giving birth to another baby boy in less than 2 months. So far this pregnancy has been great. We have a name that we have been thinking about, but we are not 100% sure, we will just have to wait until April.

As far as school goes, this semester I will be finishing all my nursing classes. I'm still unsure about graduating in April though. It seems like I just don't want to let go of school ;( School has always been a part of me, I kinda feel like I should still go on. 

I do want to be a stay at home mom eventually. I might not have that chance until Steve graduates and gets a job though. I can't wait. :D

Anyways.... I was going through my picture files and found some old pictures of Ben from last year. Here are just a few:

Ben with Uncle Chris in January

 enjoying his Johnny Jump up. He LOVED that thing. (February)

 posing for an informal photoshoot in March

trying to keep his balance   He was just learning how to walk at this point. (April)

Asleep after a 2 hour car drive to visit the Grandparents  (May)

Ben's official First Hair Cut (June)

Sucking on a lollipop and making a big mess (July)

Enjoying the Guatemala  vacation (August)

Being silly on his daddy's shoulders (September)

my little child model [and his companion bear "Oso"]      - (October)

Doing his fish face (December)

Enjoying his new favorite snack- chips and salsa! (January 2011)

aspiring to be an engineer like his daddy. Gotta love the "nerd" shirt! Thanks G-Ma Mathias. (February)

He has sure made us smile! His new tricks this month include doing somersaults all by himself, jumping up from the floor (which he actually gets like 1/2 inch of air!), and opening the doors even with the doorknob safety covers. He is learning how to say many different words and is finally letting go of his sign language and actually speaking the words. 

Potty training is still going, and he is doing really well.  Every time he pees, he gets up, looks in the potty, and claps his hands and cheers. Even if he just squeezes a drop or two (which he sometimes does), he always claps his hands. He still has a few accidents, but he is learning how to hold it in. We ended up getting a new potty chair for him because his old one was extremely unsanitary. P.S. to those looking to buy a potty chair DO NOT buy the "comfy cushy potty" by Safety 1st. Sold at Walmart. 

It was a good potty for a while, until one day, I couldn't figure out why that thing smelled like pee after sanitizing it several times. As I was rinsing it out, I accidentally squeezed the cushion a little too hard and pee came out of of it! I was petrified.  The "comfy cushy" ring acts like a sponge and soaks up all the urine-GROSS!! I immediately got online and read the reviews on Amazon for this particular piece of trash. I wasn't surprised to see that it got 1.5 out of 5 stars from more than 70 reviews.  I should have returned it to the store, but we just ended up throwing it away. 

 We got a new potty, which is simple and nice and best of all, easy to clean. I really like this one because it doesn't have the fancy shmancy buttons and decorations. I don't want Ben to get too worked up about characters and designs. I got the all white color because it looks the most like a real toilet.

I had to order it online because the other types of potties that are sold in the nearby stores were still questionable. This new one had an average of 4.5/5 stars from more than  400 reviews. Anyhow, the important lesson to be learned was: if you are unsure about a product, look up the reviews online. You will be glad you did. 

That is all I have for now... I will try to write about something more interesting in my next post. 

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