Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The potty...

This is what we have been up to these past few weeks....

So far, so good. We still have a fair share of accidents, but now Ben signs the word "potty" when he wants to go. Sometimes he tells us before he goes, sometimes as he is going, and sometimes after he has gone, but at least he recognizes what he's doing!! Haha!

He has even pooped in his potty several times. I haven't had any poopy accidents yet. He still wears a diaper when he goes to bed and when he naps. In the beginning, we let him run around without a diaper. Now we have been putting on "big boy underwear." He really likes that. 

I know most of you probably think it's WAY too early. But I am a firm believer that you can train them earlier with success. I know that kids may not be able to communicate or talk yet, but if you really learn your child's signs before they "go", it will be a lot easier. Many kids around the world are already potty trained at this age- and this is the age they used to be trained before the disposable diapers were invented. Also, being Ben's mom, I knew he was ready to learn. He's such a smart little boy!

It hasn't been easy, but I think it will be worth it. It might take us a few months until Ben masters the art of the "potty"... so I will let you know how it goes. Wish us luck!

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