Sunday, January 9, 2011

Of Christmas 2010 and the Mathias Family Flu

We had quite the eventful 2 week Christmas vacation!  We first started our journey in Utah. We drove to Cedar Hills and stayed with my aunt Gloria and my cousin Chris.

Gloria has 2 dogs: Skippy, and Oscar. Ben absolutely LOVED playing with them. Ben loves anything with fur and he will attempt to pet anything with fur.

 After spending a few days with Gloria and Chris, we headed to Minnesota. Ben did surprisingly well in the airplane. I made sure to pack lots and lots of snacks. That's pretty much all we needed to keep him busy. 
After a long day of traveling, we were sure glad to see the Mathias Family. 

We saw Steve's Brother Sam (who currently lives in NY). At first, he was a bit unrecognizable. He grew his hair out and grew a beard. While in MN he got a haircut and transformed himself from
                   This              to                This

I like the new look wayyyyyyyy better, don't you?

It is Mathias tradition to make a whole lot of yummy, and not to mention, fatty treats On Christmas eve, however, it got moved to the 28th so that Steve's Sister Kelly could enjoy the treats as well. She didn't get to fly in until the 28th. 

On Christmas day we all got up bright and early at 6am to open presents. If you ask me, 6 am is WAY to early to wake up on Christmas day, in fact, growing up, my family always stayed up and partied till 6am! Haha, there's a Latin Christmas for ya! 

Ben was SUPER thrilled  to open presents this year because now he can actually rip the paper all by himself. That was his favorite part. 

Danny (Steve's little brother) has such an imagination. It occurred to him to make a "Cardboard Wii" console. He taped a whole bunch of cardboard together to make the remotes and the console. He played while we were there, and he got us to play with him. We played the wii sports bowling game, and guess who kept on winning the entire time? Danny!  Anyways, Danny decided to give his dad a 42" cardboard flat panel TV to go with the cardboard wii for Christmas. What a riot!

This year was a lucky year for Danny. Santa decided to give his parents a REAL Wii!! Horray! After we got the real Wii set up, no one even played with the cardboard wii anymore. 

Popcorn and a family movie on Sunday nights is also a tradition. Ben had no problem with watching a movie....

and had no problem eating popcorn. Ben LOVES popcorn.

and of course, he loves his mommy. 

Ben got to spend lots of time with his uncle Sam. 

This Christmas was a little sad this time. Almost everyone got the flu. It first started with Danny, then Joe, then Sam, Steve's mom Debby, His dad Karl, then Kelly.

We never got it, thank goodness. We were on the edge thinking we were going to get it but we realized that everyone who got the flu-shot, didn't get the flu. Thank goodness for vaccines!

While everyone was sick in bed, we managed to escape and take a trip to St. Paul to see a few friends of ours. 

We got to see Scott, Candace, and little Rebekkah Cornelius. Scott will be graduating with his Bachelor's degree soon. He will be going to law school. He has a tough choice to make. He got lots of offers, scholarships, and application requests from top law schools, including Yale and Pepperdine, UCLA, and much more. Hope it all all goes well for him. 

Ben played and gave kisses to Rebekkah...

                                                           She also kissed him back...

We also visited my good ol' friend Diana and her husband Matt

and got to see the Galindo family. Laura and I have been friends since Jr. High.

After St. Paul, we headed back to Crystal to see Ben's great Grandma and Grandpa Mathias. We ate, and played a game. 

On the 30th, we went to the Mathias Family get together. Unfortunately, Karl, Debby, Sam, and Joe couldn't join us because they were all still recovering from their illness. Danny was already feeling better.

Kelly did get to join us- but we left early because Kelly was starting to feel sick  after we got there. Bummer... :( luckily, Weston didn't get the flu.

Don and Sheryl... little did they know that they were going to get sick too, but just a week later. 

Uncle Dave. Enjoying the get together. He and his wife Deb had gotten the flu bug a week earlier. 

After being bed ridden for almost 2 days, Debby was able to play with Ben again...

Ben and Weston got to enjoy little uncle Danny! He always kept them laughing and entertained.

Ben really enjoyed sitting on a whoopee cushion! It's quite funny to see his reaction.

Our trip to Minnesota could not have been complete without a trip to the Mall of America. We boarded the lightrail and made our way to the biggest mall in the US.

We went to Lego Land and let Ben and Weston play.

A life size, Lego Woody

After the Mall, Ben and Weston decided to watch Blues Clues. They both love that show! They are the cutest little boys.

On New Years Day we went to Anita Lewis' house to celebrate the return of her son from his LDS mission.

We ate lots of yummy food, and got to chat with the Lewis Family (Steve's mom's side).

To top it all off, we went to the Oakdale ward and saw many familiar faces. I grew up in the Oakdale Ward and I sure do miss everyone there. I hope to one day return and perhaps be a part of the ward again. Lots and Lots of wonderful people. One of the coolest families in the ward are the Daums. We got to eat at their house for dinner, and catch up.

On January 3rd we headed back to the airport to begin our journey back home. We made it to SLC safely and stayed the night at Gloria's house again. I developed a bad cold, which migrated to my voice box. I ended up losing my voice for 5 days. Now we are back in Rexburg! It was such a fun trip and I hope that we will be able to go to MN again next year!

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