Sunday, September 26, 2010

This month's update

I can't believe it has been more than a month since my last post. I have been pretty busy with life. I am only taking one online nursing class instead of two, and I picked up a water aerobics class-which I really enjoy!

Work is going alright. I am working part time at the clinic and I am on call about one week out of the month- meaning that I take the midnight/early hours phone calls from worried parents about what they should do about their sick child.  Being on call can be a breeze some days and a real annoyance on some nights. I can't remember how long ago this was but I got a call from a worried mom around 2 in the morning stating that her infant child had a fever of 98.6---- now- some may recall that  98.6 is between the "normal/average" human body temperature, but this mom had absolutely  no idea!  I explained to her that unless her child had a low body temperature all the time, she shouldn't be worried. She still wanted to know how much Tylenol to giver her, even though she didn't need it at all....   Anyways-that is just an example. I do get very urgent phone calls too, such as a baby not being able to breathe, or a child who has fallen and is unconscious.  Regardless, I really do  enjoy my role as a nurse and I feel blessed to have other people ask me for advice. I never realized how hard it could be to part with a sick child until you have a sick child. 

My Photography hobby/business is going great! Right now for some reason, I have been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails of people who want me to take their pictures! I love it! Hooray for extra income!! I now have a vinyl sticker on my back window with my logo and website. I feel "official!" 

Ben is growing up fast before my eyes. He now knows how to climb on the chair and can almost climb the couch all by himself! I can't believe he is one! What a big boy!  We spent his birthday in Guatemala. We decided to visit lake Atitlan and after our trip, he ate his very first Happy Meal! Of course he didn't care much for the food, just the toy!

When we ask Ben, "What does the snake say?" he goes, "ssssssssssssssssss"  
Also, when we ask him where his belly is, he taps his belly.
He loves music! He doesn't dance to it yet, but he loves to clap to it. 
He is a smart boy! :D  We love him so much! 

So those are just some highlights of what has been going on. There are more highlights, but they are going to have to wait until the next post! Stay tuned!

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