Thursday, August 19, 2010

Greetings from Guatemala!!

It has been quite an adventure!!  Here is a little sneak peek from our trip. So far, it has been wonderful. It is so beautiful here. We are staying in a suburb of Antigua. Most of the streets here are made out of cobblestone and most houses and businesses have a Spanish baroque architecture style. Antigua has SO many colors around and so many different types of people. There are even many ruins from the sixteenth century that were destroyed by a major earthquake in the 1700's. Many ruins remain preserved and are now tourist attractions. If you want to learn more about Antigua go HERE
The food is also great and delicious, but it sure has done a number on us ;)

Here we are in the Palace of "Ayuntamiento" in front of the Central Park (Parke central)

A street in the city of Jocotenango

An old church in the picturesque city of San Juan

An old church in Antigua

Ben cruising Central Park with his new backpack

These are some of the clothes that some of the Guatemalan native indian people wear

Pathway to the "Finca Filadelphia".
We went with my mom (Virginia)
There is a coffee plantation,and a hotel and lodge with a restaurant that has GREAT food and an even BETTER view. 

plants and flowers are around everywhere. They are always in bloom and they are so beautiful.

Daddy and Ben

Posing for a picture in Antigua- central park by one of the fountains.

These next few days we will be touring different parts of Guatemala. We are all so super excited! Look for our next post soon!


  1. What a wonderful trip! I'm so excited that you got to go. It is beautiful. And Vivian, you are looking great! I miss working with you! It seems like you are doing well!

  2. Wow! How cool! That's so great that you guys got to go to Guatemala! I can't believe how Ben is growing! Hope you guys have fun! Sure miss you!

  3. Are there more pictures?? I heard a rumor that there are LOTS that we haven't seen! Here's to hoping that another blog entry or two is in the works. :)

    Miss you guys!


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