Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So a few weeks ago we took Ben swimming for the first time- he LOVED it so much! We put him in a baby float and he was giggling and laughing and "chasing daddy" on the water. Since then, he has had the opportunity to go in some kiddy pools and splash and have fun.

Ben's first time swimming (phone pictures)

I think his little "floaty" suit looked hilarious on him! He looked buff!

This is Ben a week later- still having fun... by himself

He is such a cutie =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day and our adventures at Mesa falls

Maybe because Independence day fell on a Sunday, to us it just felt kind of "Blah" in terms of celebration.

  • The Melaleuca fireworks were on Saturday but we didn't go because I just know that Ben would have been SUPER cranky past 9pm.
  • Almost all stores closed early on saturday and a lot of them were closed today.
  • I really wish we could have seen the Boston Pops Fireworks on TV. Living in an area where we only get one chanel and you have to use an HD antena and hold it 4 feet above the TV and not move, we opted out
Saturday we got up early and started watching the World Cup. It was INTENSE! No offense to the english narration of the game, but the Spanish hosting keeps you on your toes and makes you excited!  I think it's mainly because soccer is such a big deal in Central and South America. Uruguay is the only south american country left in the game. I hope they get to the final.

After we watched the game, we all felt tired since we hadn't slept much the few nights before. We went back to bed and ended up sleeping till 11 (Even Ben!). It was a weird saturday morning. I think I should get my iron levels checked because I have been feeling a little more tired than usual. Anyways after we woke up I realized we missed the parade. Ooooops!

So to celebrate our independence and to enjoy God's BEAUTIFUL creation, we went to Mesa Falls. We went with The Wagstaffs (Joel and Mira) in our ward. Boy, were we glad we went. It was a PERFECT day today. High's in the upper 70's- sunny, and beautiful!

Just to show you how beautiful: take a look at THIS!!!

We went on a trail and walked around the edge of the canyon. It can get scary if you have kids up there. Absolutely NO wandering around the edge. Joel was serious about this one. Just look at him carrying Johnny.

Johnny was on a child leash. You can never be too safe.

Joel, Mira and the kids-Johnny and Becky

There were so many trees!

Daddy and Ben. 
 Ben is being a silly goose- like always. He was looking at...

Holy HUMUNGO beetle,batman!

Ben is a heavy boy, so I carried him the rest of the way

A happy camper!

 Ben is practicing his waving skills.

We then had to stop for a little while. Ben wanted out! I showed him the river...

Then let him stretch his little legs...  
 yes, Ben is quite the walker now. Soon to be runner.

After some snacks, we started heading back to our car and to upper Mesa Falls.
It was absolutely gorgeous!

Here we are all looking at the camera, oh wait... Ben! Quit checking her out! She's too old for you.

So this is our way of celebrating life and our freedom. 
Happy 4th of July! We may not have seen any fireworks-but we sure had our own  ;)
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