Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our week with family

So Steve flew out to Minnesota last Friday and drove out our new car! Now we have a four door. It was such a pain having to put Ben in the car seat on our 2 door VW golf. Our 03 Toyota Corolla runs so smooth!

Steve's mom Debby and Danny came along from Minnesota and visited us and Kelly (sis in law) and her family. They visited us first, then the next day, we went to Downey Idaho to see Grandma and Grandpa Lewis, and cousins Ruby and Maggie. 

Kelly, Steve, Debby, and Danny 

Weston and Danny had such a blast! As you can see-they got along super well.

Grandma and Grandpa Lewis

We had fun talking to Grandma and Grandpa Lewis and they enjoyed playing with their Great grandchildren Ben and Weston. Ben seemed to be a little clingy at first-maybe because he had just woken up from the long drive. Kelly managed to snap a picture of Ben smiling. 

Ben and Weston had such fun playing the piano. They also got to hear Maggie play piano and Ruby sing. 

Here is Weston playing to Beethoven's moonlight sonata. He is actually quite good. Don't be fooled by those little hands.

The next day we had yummy  breakfast at Kelly's and said our Goodbyes. The goodbyes weren't too long since Debby and all of the boys will be coming again next month. 

After we got home I got to see this:

He always keeps us entertained!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

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