Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ben,walking already?

Ben has been taking steps lately and thought I should get it on camera. We noticed that last week that he let go of the furniture and started to take steps on his own. Of course he only took like 3 steps before he stumbled. He just turned 8 months old-so I don't know if this is normal for their age, especially for boys.

Last Christmas I decided to buy Ben a little push cart so he could support himself and walk when he got old enough. I wasn't planning to give it to him until his first birthday but seeing that he is showing interest in walking, we gave him an early Birthday gift. He actually pushes the little train around and walks, it's really cute.

Anyways, here are some videos of Ben. This one is hilarious!

This one is the real deal...

Our little Ben- he keeps us entertained!

Look for my next post soon, it includes Ben and over 42, 000 kids ;)



  1. What?!?!? No, that is NOT normal! Tell that kid to SIT DOWN because he's too young for that sort of thing. j/k :) Most kids wait until nearly their first birthday, and many won't start until they're a bit older than that - this is young and pretty precocious, but it does happen. He's a total cutie! :)

  2. Wow! Go Ben! What a superman!!

  3. Amazing! Brian would argue that Ben MUST BE gifted...and that it runs in the family. :)

    My niece walked at 8 months, and she just seemed way too tiny to be moving like that!

    Hooray for being ahead of the game. Go, Ben!

  4. WOW! David and Ben are closer in age then I thought they were...David is a mover but I can't imagine him walking in a month and a half. Good job Ben!


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