Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally... A break

The semester is now over! Finally!

So, I was kinda surprised when I looked at my grades. I was happy that I got a C in my online Pathophysiology (Bio 381)  class, because frankly, I hardly studied. Partly because I had to memorize like 30-40 pages of notes for each test which I took every other week. Biology classes are not all that great to take online- I wouldn't recommend it. I wish I could have signed up for the campus class, but I had to work during class time.

 I got an A in my 5 credit nursing class, and A- in my 3 credit nursing class, and I got an A- in clothing construction. I learned a lot in that class.  I learned how to read patterns and understand all the symbols, how to sew collar-button up dress shirts, skirts, and pants. Just the basics though. If I have enough time and money, I may take advanced sewing. I am happy that I am officially done taking all of my generals. All I have left is just nursing classes.

My mom came to visit us this week:

We went to the temple together, went shopping together, took amazing pictures (which are on my photo blog),  hung out with Ben and drove down to Utah to stay at my Aunt Gloria's house in Cedar hills.
On our way to Utah we stopped by at Uncle Dan and Aunt Jodi's house to visit.

The only thing missing in the Lewis household was Ms. Maggie. She was in school and I wish we could have seen her. We also saw Uncle Dan's art studio-which looked awesome! If you don't recall, Uncle Dan illustrates for the Ensign and he made a painting of me and it made it into the June 2008 Ensign issue. He is an amazing artist!

 While in Cedar Hills Utah, our car Ted started beeping and flashing the oil light at us. We checked the oil and it was okay. Later we had our cousin Mike take a look at it. We found out that the oil hose was cracked, we needed to replace our brake pads, and our belts. Mike ended up fixing Ted for us- which ended up taking a long time.Thanks cousin Mike!

We also had the opportunity to get sealed on behalf of my Grandparents. They had been waiting a while to get this done. It was a great experience. After 3 days and 2 nights in Utah, we said our goodbyes and headed back home. Home sweet home.
We are having a good break so far and still look forward to this weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silly boy!

I caught Ben doing this today. He cracks me up-especially how he huffs and puffs.


Monday, April 5, 2010

A family update

Ben has been scooting for more than a month. He is almost crawling. He likes to be on his hands and knees but can't advance using his arms and legs. He gets really frustrated. The other day I sat him on the crib and went to the bedroom, came back, and he was standing against the railing all by himself! It scared me because the mattress is is set up high so he could have fallen off.  That night Steve and I moved the mattress down to the lowest level. Ben likes to stand up against the couch and is wanting to walk around the furniture. The other day he weighed in about 18 pounds and he was 27 inches tall.

When we put him to bed he barely cries anymore. He lays down, and gnaws on his blanket and then babbles  himself to sleep-it's the cutest thing ever. His top two teeth have come through so now every once in a while I can hear him grind his teeth.

Steve has been very diligent with all his homework and will soon get a break at the end of this week. I can't believe he is going to take 2 physics classes and 3 engineering classes next semester-what a psycho idea! I guess he thinks he can handle it and he probably will be able to do it now that he doesn't work.
I am taking 2 online nursing classes. For one of them I have to do 4 hours of clinical each week which I will be able to set up a preceptor at my job. So technically I will be working for 8 hours a week at Season's Pediatrics except 4 of those hours are volunteered. It should be interesting. If I do well in my classes and take them all on schedule I will be able to graduate in December-that way I could just get it out of the way and just focus on being home with the fam.

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