Sunday, March 7, 2010

The kids in our ward

We have a lot of children in our ward. They are all so adorable! One day I decided to take my camera along to a ward activity and took some pictures of some of the older kids in our ward. Here are the pictures. Sorry it took me a while to post these.

First we have Ms. Hanna and Ms. Sabrina. They are such cuties.

Here they are posing as reconciled BFF's after a Hula hoop fight. lol.

Ms. Sabrina- She loved the camera. After I was done taking pictures of her and Hannah, she asked, "Can you take more pictures of me?"

She is showing off her cool new hair style. She's a natural!

Mr. David- a camera shy little guy.

Hopefully on my next ward activity I will be able to see more kids and take pictures. Perhaps I may put together a little project for their parents. ;)

There is one more kid I have to show you. Last but not least. Mr. Benjamin!
He is not happy in this snapshot in time. He quickly recovered after I gave him some food. :)

That is all Folks!

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