Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Big Bad Wolf!

Instead of reading Ben a bedtime story, we decided to have Steve tell him the story of the Three Little Pigs. Steve was the little pig that built his house with straw, I built mine with sticks, and Ben built his with brick and cement. This video is the last part of the story. I love how Ben is so engaged in the story and laughs when "daddy" huffs and puffs! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The holidays and our new addition to the family

Christmas and New Years was great! We stayed in Rexburg this year since we went to Minnesota last year. Christmas Day was great, but the days before it were kind of weird. Steve worked almost 12 hours a day at FedEx everyday for 2 weeks. His last long shift was Christmas eve, which we didn't do much. Steve got home, we ate, went to our friend's house for desert, and then went to bed. The next day we woke up early and opened gifts! I got a rotary mat, a rotary blade, Home Alone 2 DVD, The three Amigos DVD, Hand made cricut cards by Debby, a Red Robin gift card with Free Babysitting provided by Kelly Visser :) and some other cool stuff. Steve got some tools, a nice tool box, Dark Knight DVD, and many other cool things too. Ben got a new noisy toy that he likes, a hand imprint box, a gift card from Grandpa Nunez, a bear with a cute blanket from Great Grandma and Grandpa Lewis, and other cute things.

After helping Ben open his presents, he was more interested in playing with the wrapping paper rather than the gifts he received.

Yum Yum!

Then we went to Bryan and Kelly's house and ate Christmas dinner. We had amazing potatoes and Ham and watched the babies play. The rest of the day was spent counting our blessings, reading from Luke chapter 2, and talking and laughing.

The day after Christmas was great too. We bought a nice pre-lit, rotating, 7 1/2 foot tall Christmas tree for half the price! The best part though, was finding out that our tree price included all the deluxe Martha Stewart decorations. We ended up buying the display!

This is our old tree(3ft)... which we gave away

This is our new tree. The picture does not do it justice.

So our new years was Lame. First of all, Ben has been teething (with his first tooth out now, and second coming out soon) We didn't get much sleep the nights before New Years eve so we were both tired. I almost didn't make it past midnight, but did so- only to be dissapointed. We had the countdown going on on our TV and all, we were ready to do our own countdown when all of a sudden, our power went off. LAME-O!!! We lit some candles and gave each other hugs and kisses, wished each other a Happy New Year, then fell asleep.

So anyways, we have a new addition to the family...

No I'm NOT pregnant.

Even better- we bought a new camera! It's our new baby!

Meet the Nikon D5000

We have been wanting to get a much nicer camera than our point-and-shoot one that we currently have. I have been wanting to get a Nikon D series camera for a long while. I would like to have better pictures of our family and friends. I love taking pictures and fell in love with photography in High School. I also want to start taking engagement pictures, wedding, pictures, and family portraits as a hobby. For now, I am just a beginner and learning to use our Nikon D5000, but maybe later, once we get good enough, we can upgrade to a super professional camera.

We are both so excited! It was our little New Year's splurge, or perhaps our BIG new years splurge. Mwah hahahaha!!! Luckily we paid it all in full.

Here are some picture we took today-our first day of pictures:

And there you have it! Our new addition to the family!

Can't wait till I get to know my camera better. More pictures to come soon. For now, hope you enjoyed our post!
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