Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trip to Minnesota

So on November 14th, we headed to SLC and flew to Minnesota to visit the family. It was such a wonderful trip! We first spent time with the Mathias family and went to church with them. We heard Danny (Steve's younger brother sing in the primary program. The next half of the week we spent at my mom's place hanging out and going shopping. We went to my home ward, the Oakdale ward and saw many familiar faces. Many of whom had no idea that I had had a baby. It was wonderful to get so much attention!

Here are some of the many pictures we took. We begin with Steve's parents and family. Here is Grandma Mathias with our smiley Ben. They had so much fun together. She loves Ben and Ben loves her. She loves to hold Ben and enjoyed every minute of it!

Here is uncle Danny. He loved holding Ben.

Uncle Joe... too bad Uncle Sam wasn't there to hold him.

Grandpa Mathias

Benjamin the superstar!

Cousin Amy

And part of the Mathias family. You can see 4 generations in this picture.
Great G-ma and Great G-pa, Grandma and Grandpa, Steve and Vivian, and little Benjamin.

Ben enjoying a nice warm bath from Grandma. He loves bath time and loves the water. He doesn't like being cold after coming out of the water though.

Time flew at Steve's parents' home. We had to spend some time with Grandma Morales' too.

We ate some dinner at Baker's Square... a family tradition when we go to MN. Here is grandma Morales aka "mamita" with Ben. He didn't smile here, so we took more pics later of them both.

Here is a smiley one. He is even waving in this one. He wants to grow up so fast. He can now reach and grab his toys from the handle of the car seat. He sucks on his fist constantly, and today he let out a giggle. It was darling.

We were all invited to a dinner. I picked up cute little Sister Quinn and when we walked in they all SUPRISED US with a nice party and cake. My cousin Chris Morales was there too. He is in Law school at Hamline University in MN.

I'm holding Ben's pant sleve up too high. hehe

The best cousin in the World! He tried to give me bunny ears-but failed.

Chris loves Ben!

I saw my little Nephew Giovann. I didn't get to see my sister however. I miss you Nubia!

I stopped by to see our good friends the Cornelius' and their soon to come baby girl! Congrats Candace and Scott!

To finish our trip we saw the Daum family. They have grown so much since I met them. They had only 2 kids when we met them. We ate dessert at their house and chatted. They are an amazing family! We owe them so much for their service!

We had a great time. We also hit some thrift stores and bought some books and a few toys and other cool stuff. We really miss MN thrift stores. They're amazing! Goodbye MN! We will see each other again soon.

On November 23rd we woke up very early and headed back to the airport and back to Rexburg. We flew stand by so we had to wait 4 hours for an open flight. Ben did great in the airplane. We had lots of people come up to us and tell us that he was one cute baby!  We know he is :) We had a wonderful time with family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Halloween.

here are some pictures of our Halloween:

First we carved our pumpkins. Steve did the Witch, I did the mummy, and Ben did the baby pumpkin( oh, okay, okay, I did it, but it was for Ben)

Then we went to our Ward's get together Halloween party.

Ben ended up being a giraffe. He's a cute giraffe. Steve was a FedEx man. haha

Daddy and Benjamin

And here is our cutie once again!

We ended up getting 3 trick or treaters (they came at 3:30 pm!) that was it!

Then to wrap up the night, we saw Jaws 2! It was hilarious but nerve racking at the same time. I love the shark-it looks soooo fake. And there you have it, that was our Halloween. Perhaps next year it will be better. We can take Ben trick or treating!
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