Thursday, September 24, 2009

My first 4 weeks!

I am 4 weeks old today! This picture was taken earlier this week after Grandma Mathias bathed me. Aren't I so cute?

I am sad that both my Grandmas are gone. They held me, changed my diapers and even fed me! They were great! Thanks Grandma Morales and Grandma Mathias!

For now, I keep my mom very busy and don't let her sleep very much at night since I have tummy aches and have to drink all my milk.

I have been smiling more often even when I'm awake and can hold my head up without difficulty. I like to hold my weight up with my cute little legs when I'm on my mommy and daddy's lap. I can track objects with my eyes, I make very cute cooing sounds, and enjoy having conversations with both my parents-especially with my daddy. My daddy loves me very much! I'm a little sad when he leaves for work, but very happy when he comes home.

I had my baby blessing this past Sunday. I was dressed up in white. I looked really cute. I wish my mom's camera wouldn't have busted the day before-but lucky for me, Grandma Mathias had her camera and took pictures of us. I am sad to say that my mommy didn't end up taking pictures of the whole family or of Grandma Mathias because she forgot and also because her camera stopped working. Oh well. Here is a picture of us. I was hungry at the time, so I don't look very happy in this picture.

These are my second cousins Maggie and Ruby. Ruby is holding me- she smells nice. My Great uncle Dan is in the background and his wife Jodi is helping Ruby hold me. They all came to my baby blessing. They drove about 2 hours to come see me and see the whole family. Thanks!

Here I am again, cute as a button! This is one of my mommy's favorite outfits-it brings out the gray in my eyes.

I hope this has been a pretty good update for all of my mommy and daddy's friends! I'll keep you posted!


  1. such a c ute little family. wish we could of been there.

  2. Very cute! Don't worry about the wet wipe box, just keep it or throw it away - they're only $1 at Walmart!!


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