Friday, August 14, 2009

My cousin Chris and the Idaho Folk Dance Festival

Last week my cousin Chris came to Rexburg. It was so great to see him, even for the 3 hours we spent together. It was fun. Most of the time we watched clips online of America's Got Talent and laughed so hard! We ate really good brownies made by Steve. He's the Master Baker in the house.

Being goofy

That same weekend we went and saw the opening ceremonies of the Idaho Folk Dance Festival in Rexburg. It was pretty good. I was expecting fireworks this year, but it turns out that last year, the shells of the fireworks or whatever the remains are called ended up burning and hurting a couple of spectators, so they banned that company of fireworks. So instead, this year they had a lame "lazer" show that was all one color.
The countries they had dancing this year was
Chinese Taipei, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, Romania, and a Rexburg "USA" team. Which was pretty much the BYU-Idaho swing team.
Live Chinese music

Some teams were really good, like Mexico, and others were just plain boring. but overall it was a good event- and best of all- it was FREE!

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