Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to the World Benjamin!

So I had a baby! FINALLY!! I tried blogging about it at the hospital but the hospital blocked facebook and photo upload on blogger. Anyways, Here is the story:

I was having painful contractions ever since early Monday morning although they were irregular, so Wednesday night Steve timed the contractions-they were about 7 minutes apart, regular, and painful. So I scheduled an appointment on Thursday morning. I got checked, and Dr. said I was 5 cm dilated and 100 percent effaced. Woo hoo! So we headed to the hospital!
This was the real thing!

This is me in between a contraction in my hospital gown.

So I ended up getting an epidural and got Pitocin to "speed up" the labor.
After 4 hours of little progress, Steve made a discovery! The Pitocin wasn't even hooked up to my IV line! haha! After hooking it back up, 2 hours later, I was ready to push!

The Dr. wanted to help me out with the vacuum suction, but the vacuum wouldn't work because Ben had so much hair! After about 45 minutes of pushing, and with the help of forceps, Benjamin came out!

here he is about 1 minute old:

Born at exactly 11:00 pm August 27th
He weighed 7 lbs- 4 oz
measured 19 inches long

The first picture with the newest member of the family!

In his "coming home" outfit

Who does he look like most?

Getting ready to leave the hospital.

Home at last! Daddy and Ben taking a nap

We love our baby soooooo much! He is so wonderful. Birth is so amazing!

Our first night was tough. I managed to get some sleep though (1 hour). I have probably slept like 6 hours in TOTAL from Wednesday, but our baby is worth it!Benjamin, we love you!

There will be plenty more pictures to come!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In labor?

Yes, I have had pre labor signs! My water hasn't "broken" yet though-but I'm not due until this Saturday.

Plus the past 2 nights I have had painful contractions. Even my non painful "braxton hicks" contractions are becoming closer together. Every time I have a painful one, I get intese lower back pain. I keep thinking I'm going to be one of those moms that might not get to the hospital on time. I want to wait longer since I know he's not coming within the next few hours and plus, Last friday I wasn't even dilated yet. The last thing I want is to get my hopes up and go to the Hospital and have them send me back home again. So i'm waiting. He'll probably end up coming at the end of this week anyways, even though I want him to come out ASAP.

I definitely feel more pressure on my pelvis and bladder so I know that he has "descended." I'm nervous and scared! TERRIFIED!!! but Excited and happy for this pregnancy to be over. I know that I might be experiencing false labor, but I'd rather wait to see if it gets worse. My next post will probably be after I have the baby, so wish me luck!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My cousin Chris and the Idaho Folk Dance Festival

Last week my cousin Chris came to Rexburg. It was so great to see him, even for the 3 hours we spent together. It was fun. Most of the time we watched clips online of America's Got Talent and laughed so hard! We ate really good brownies made by Steve. He's the Master Baker in the house.

Being goofy

That same weekend we went and saw the opening ceremonies of the Idaho Folk Dance Festival in Rexburg. It was pretty good. I was expecting fireworks this year, but it turns out that last year, the shells of the fireworks or whatever the remains are called ended up burning and hurting a couple of spectators, so they banned that company of fireworks. So instead, this year they had a lame "lazer" show that was all one color.
The countries they had dancing this year was
Chinese Taipei, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, Romania, and a Rexburg "USA" team. Which was pretty much the BYU-Idaho swing team.
Live Chinese music

Some teams were really good, like Mexico, and others were just plain boring. but overall it was a good event- and best of all- it was FREE!
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