Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A piece of pie and a cutie pie.

So Steve and I decided to make pies for the fourth of July, they were sooooo good! We even decided to make them patriotic pies. The filling was strawberries, and then we decorated it with cool whip, blueberries and more strawberries- like the flag (well, we ended up with one more stripe, but that's not the point). It was so good!

This year we didn't go to the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration, just cuz. Maybe because you have to get there like 6 hours early to save a spot and because it's so darn hot. We hung out with the Vissers (Bro and Sis in law) and we saw the Boston Pops show. It was just as good. Then we left right as the Melaleuca fireworks began (we parked our car right by the freeway) and watched them from the car. It was a bit far and we couldn't feel the booms that you normally feel when you see them right above you, but they were okay. We actually saw the big finale. Then we just got onto the freeway and got home- no traffic- no slowing down. It was great!

Bryan and Steve enjoying a McFlurry

Baby Weston-He's such a cutie pie!

We figure we will get to see more fireworks shows soon anyways!


  1. What a great picture of Weston!!! I saw him on Monday, but I'm not sure any of my pictures turned out quite as well.

  2. It looks like you guys had a fun time... I agree Weston is a cutie pie. If I didn't comment before on your nursery, it is adorable...you did a great job on it!!!

  3. The nursery looks adorable!! I love it! So I finally installed that paint.net and then I added the banner into it, but Im having troubles getting the picture to fit into it. I did the import picture, but it made the picture the new layer and took the banner away. hmmm, any suggestions?

  4. You're so close! Just remember the 6 weeks after the baby comes will be SO much faster than the 6 weeks before! I can't wait to meet my nephew :)


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