Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hanging out with friends and family

Last week we went to Rigby to visit the Scholes. Brit and I were room mates in the summer of 2007, which was like the best semester ever! All our room mates were amazing! Here are a few pictures that our room mates took together back in July of 2007. Lots of fun times and good memories.

from left to right ( Katie, Meaghan, me, Emilee, Brittaney, and Heather)

watch out!

I looked a lot thinner back in the day, hopefully I can restore my body to my old self soon.

Aren't we cute?

Brittaney married Kaleb and now has Carter who is 7 months old. He is super cute and very active;) They now own a really big and cute house!

Baby Carter, Kaleb, and Brittaney

We ate some burgers and played Ticket to ride- Steve and I had lots of fun.


Yesterday Steve's older brother Brian (the master Organist) and his wife Alicia came to visit us in Rexburg. Although there wasn't really much we could do in Rexburg, we showed them the temple and a very brief tour of the outskirts of campus. We ate some Ice cream and then headed to Idaho falls to Visit Bryan and Kelly Visser (Steve's sister and Brother in law)- and baby Weston of course.

Brian and Alicia

Steve and Brian hanging out at our apartment

Baby Weston

We had a fabulous dinner, then played bocce ball- Boys against Girls. The girls lost :(
But it was way fun!We sure were glad that Brian and Alicia came to visit us though. They will be moving from Utah to Kansas where Brian will be getting his PhD in Organ Performance. We won't be able to visit them often, but hope that everything goes well for them! Best of luck! We love you guys!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...

Only 6 more weeks to go!

34 weeks have gone by pretty fast!
My feet have swelled up, my wedding band that I bought a size bigger is starting to be snug, and even some of my maternity clothes are tight. I have gained a bit over 30 pounds-but it feels like 50! I can't believe I'm having a baby soon.

Just a few weeks ago I started feeling so fatigued. I have been taking 2-3 hour naps during the day, I don't feel like cooking, I can't bend over without losing some balance, I can be moody sometimes, I drop lots of things on the floor without meaning to, and it takes effort to remember stuff. It's been so crazy these few months that I kinda forgot what it's like not to be pregnant. I'm getting used to all the symptoms.

Despite all these things, I am happy and I can't wait to see the final product! I can't wait! I can do this!

I think I can...I think I can... I think I can...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A piece of pie and a cutie pie.

So Steve and I decided to make pies for the fourth of July, they were sooooo good! We even decided to make them patriotic pies. The filling was strawberries, and then we decorated it with cool whip, blueberries and more strawberries- like the flag (well, we ended up with one more stripe, but that's not the point). It was so good!

This year we didn't go to the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration, just cuz. Maybe because you have to get there like 6 hours early to save a spot and because it's so darn hot. We hung out with the Vissers (Bro and Sis in law) and we saw the Boston Pops show. It was just as good. Then we left right as the Melaleuca fireworks began (we parked our car right by the freeway) and watched them from the car. It was a bit far and we couldn't feel the booms that you normally feel when you see them right above you, but they were okay. We actually saw the big finale. Then we just got onto the freeway and got home- no traffic- no slowing down. It was great!

Bryan and Steve enjoying a McFlurry

Baby Weston-He's such a cutie pie!

We figure we will get to see more fireworks shows soon anyways!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The nursery, almost done...

The nursery! I'm almost done with it. It's exciting how far my ideas have gone, but it's been great. I still need to actually find a crib skirt that matches, or just make my own (I don't have a sewing machine though), I also need to make curtains.

So I didn't want the walls to be plain and since I can't paint them, I bought fabric, cut it, bought laundry starch and pasted it on the walls. If we move, I can just peel it off, wash it and re paste it. It works out great!

this closet will get full over time (hopefully)

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