Friday, April 17, 2009

Our baby: It's a....

We had our 20 week ultrasound on Monday and it went great! I'm right along with the developing pattern for our baby. The ultrasound tech said everything concerning the baby was within normal limits, all organs are where they are supposed to be and our baby is about 7-8 inches long!

Anyways, here is a very obvious picture that shows the gender of our little one. I'll let you figure it out:

Ha! Yes, HE is definitely not shy!!! It's a boy!!

And here he is with his hand on his forehead. How cute :)

You can see his profile a little better on this one.

Steve, my mom, and Steve's mom were able to be in the ultrasound room with me. My mom came for graduation and Steve's parents came for Steve's sister's baby blessing. It worked out perfect. We were all shocked to hear that it was a boy, happily shocked of course. For some reason all of us thought it would be a girl. Maybe next time.

So we have several names picked out already that we like for both first and middle names. Here they are:

First Names:

Potential Middle Names:

Long ago, before we even got pregnant, we decided we wanted to name our son Benjamin.
But now, I'm wondering what sounds best. It's hard to come up with just one first name and one middle name. Here are some of the most recent most wanted names:

Benjamin Alexander Mathias
Benjamin Bennett
Benjamin Maxwell
Alexander Bennett
Samuel Sterling
Nathan Alexander

I can't make up my mind... Some of those names have already been taken by some of my family members, so it's kind of hard to chose. But anyways, moving on...

Easter was fun! We went to Steve's Sister's (Kelly) ward for a baby blessing. Little Weston is really cute, and it was a treat to see some family from back home. Although I had a good time, it was a little frightening because I was sick that day. Horrible nausea, upset stomach, gas, etc... At first I thought it was food poisoning, but then I didn't throw up. It might have been like a stomach flu of some kind. I was so scared for our baby. Regardless, I drank a lot of water, ate lots of yogurt, and rested- the next day, I was fine again. Weird.

Steve, my mom and I dyed some eggs before Easter. It had been a long time since I had done that. There were not enough egg dippers, so I suggested Steve slip an egg inside a whisk. It worked out great! No mess.

My mom and her Charlie Brown egg

Our wonderful colorful creations! Who will eat them now?

Happy Easter! Anyone want some egg salad?


  1. I love your side by side pic. from 12 wks to 20. That's an awesome comparison! I think I'll do that on my next real pregnancy:) Good luck with the name for your little boy! That's always a fun topic, but somehow it's hard to settle on just one...I'm glad at least someone died Easter eggs! We didn't get to this year since we were so into graduation stuff. I bet it was nice to have your mom here for a visit! She seems like fun.

  2. Just for future reference, the worst part about being sick when you're prego is that it can take some time to recover... but the best part is that it's because all your body's energy is going to keep that sweet baby safe! :)

  3. WOW! that would be so cool and you would get to enjoy the awesome artwork in the bathroom;) I hope you get to live there soon and start planning for your life with three! How's your job working out? Do you enjoy it? Does time go quickly?


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