Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools

Today is a nice day outside, it's nice to see the sun! Idaho is so unpredictable though, it can be warm one day, and the next day it will snow like 3 inches! So I woke up today and remembered it was April Fools day. I told Steve that the weather was going to be 20 below, and then that I was tired of school and wanted to drop out. Haha. He didn't realize it was April Fools, but he didn't seem to be very interested in what I was saying. He didn't believe me. So I gave up on trying to trick him.
Anyways, last week was an awesome week!! So I got back from clinical and checked my email. To my surprise, it was from the staff at Upper Valley Pediatrics. This is what it said:

"Please Vivian, call Shawn at Upper Valley Pediatrics. We Nurses really want you to come to work! We need you NOW or soon after graduation! "

I was taken by surprise!!! I had done 2 clinical rotations at Upper Valley Pediatrics (UVP) this past fall and the nurses there were SUPER cool, and they really liked me because I just went in and took charge, and worked well with the patients. So I called the HR guy and left a message.
The next day, he called back and practically offered me the job on a plate! The funny thing is that he was telling me that there are like 2 nurses that are pregnant-one is due in June and the other in July and he said that one might be quitting. So I had to tell him I was pregnant, because
I didn't want to surprise him later and telling him I would need maternity leave. He chuckled in the irony and asked when my due date was. in the end he said that they still needed me anyways! Now there will be nurses due in June, July, and August!

So I agreed to get the job. I start April 20th, it's so soon, but I can do it. The only thing is that I'm so scared that I will fail my Board exam. I'm terrified! I have prayed every day to help me learn, relearn, and review the material that I need to know to pass the exam.

So now, I applied for a temporary nursing license while I prepare to take my boards. I don't make as much as some nurses make working on the hospital floors, but thinking about it- I'm about to have a baby! I can't afford to do 12 hour shifts 3 times a week without seeing my baby. I will work 2 full weekdays (8hours each) and saturday morning. Working at a clinic will be wayyyy less stressful than a hospital, plus I get to work with little kids and I will use my spanish speaking skills there.

I will have to drop my parenting class this summer because it won't fit with my work schedule, so I might pick up an online class. We'll see. I'm still going to work for Melaleuca too, and I won't plan on quitting there unless it's necessary. There are so many changes!!!

Some girls in my nursing class decided to throw me a baby shower. It was awesome! It was on March 26. We had tons of fun talking about the nursing program, babies, and our future jobs. I got plenty of diapers and wipes, cute onsies, and blankies. Here are some pictures from the shower.

Tammi and Elise

Noreen and Katie

Tatianne, Liz, Ashley, Emily

Me and Chelsea

Tammi with a chocolate smeared diaper. Kit Kats? Raisinetts? Who knows

They dressed me up whenever I would guess wrong on the gifts

There is another picture, will balloons stuffed in a robe, but it might be offensive to some ;)
That Saturday there was also a Nursing Graduation Party. It was fun too! Lots of food and games. Parties are great! :)

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  1. Vivian - Congratulations on your new job! I'm sure you'll do great on your boards! Looks like your baby shower was lots of fun. Hope all goes well with everything!


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