Saturday, March 21, 2009

20 Days until graduation

I realized it has been a while. Nothing much has changed except the size of my belly. Oh yeah, and I am getting stretch marks, but I'm not too bummed because I know it will be worth it. I will get to find out if it's a boy or girl around April 10th. I'm excited; I'm rooting for a girl, just because my sister has 3 boys and Steve has only one sister out of 5 siblings. Plus, I like little dresses and outfits, and little girls are so adorable (little boys are too though).

I thought I felt the baby move, but it might just be my imagination, or my bowels, ha ha. Anyways, school is almost over. I just can't find a nursing job anywhere, there is such a hiring freeze in the local hospitals, it stinks. At least I have Melaleuca to hang on to. I signed up for a summer block class because I will still be on track this summer. Although I'm graduating with a nursing degree, I want to get my nursing bachelors. So I will still be going to school, even though nursing classes will only meet like once a month on campus. I actually have enough credits to get a bachelors since I have been coming to school since 2nd summer block of 2004. It stinks, but I got the major that I wanted, so I just have to be patient.

My class next block will be about parenting, so it will be a change from the classes I have had. Hopefully it will be a fun one! Next time I post I will probably will have pictures and will have news about whether our baby will be a boy or girl!
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