Monday, February 9, 2009

Different and weird

It's been kind of hard for me to accept the fact that I am growing. I feel so bloated. I only have one pair of jeans that fit me now. They used to be my bigger jeans, but now they are getting snug and I don't want to start wearing any maternity pants just yet.

I have been sleeping like 10 hours a day! I need constant naps, I get super tired, and once I hit the couch, I want to stay there and not get up. It makes me feel like I'm lazy, but Steve is supporting me on that. My first trimester is almost over, thank goodness! Now I am starting to feel a lot better. I don't feel like eating every hour anymore, just every two ;)

It's so weird, new things happen all the time. Like random hiccups. They are super loud and they happen at the most random times. They sound really funny too! I have random cravings for frozen stuff. Like just yesterday, I poured some extra pulp orange juice in a cup and froze it for a couple of hours. Later, I took out a spoon and I ate it. It was good. I also eat frozen capri-suns, and slushies. I also have been eating a yogurt cup every day. I never really ate them before, but now we buy bulk because we go through them fast. Steve likes them too.

So that's what's been going on these past few months. It stinks, but it will soon be over. Only 6 more months!!


  1. At least you get to eat! I mean, I ate, it just didn't stick. :p
    And don't worry, eventually you won't have to eat every 2 hours- it'll be every half hour! Oh, the joy of it all...

  2. p.s. Maternity pants are not so bad! They're actually quite comfortable, depending on which ones you buy. We can go shopping!

  3. Pregnancy is one of the toughest parts of least to me. I feel your pain...especially with the pants...I never wore any maternity, I just bought giant sizes, but I didn't want anything to touch my waist. Try them out and see what you think. Enjoy those cravings and sleep is so necessary...good Luck! You are not lazy, it's all a part of survival:)

  4. Hi Vivian! I'm tracking down all of the families blog addresses! I'm happy to find yours! Ours is Hope you're feeling good! Love, Jodi


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