Monday, January 26, 2009

We're having a baby!

Yes, you read right. We're pregnant! It's so exciting!! We wanted to wait a little longer to tell the whole world, but it's a hard secret to keep to yourself. I went for my first ultra sound today. I am approximately 9 weeks along. The baby measures almost exactly one inch. I saw the heart beat, and I saw it dance around, it was too cute.

I found a textbook picture that resembles out little baby at around the same time. It's kinda funny looking, notice his little foot sticking out in this picture. You can see the same thing on the ultra sound!

I'll call it my little gummi bear! We are so happy and have been waiting for this moment for a while. Can't wait to see how much more it grows!


  1. Oh my! That's super cool, you're right, it's really hard to keep that a secret. I wanted to wait 3 months, but since I was throwing up all the time I couldn't tell people I had the flu everyday. How are you feeling? Call me! Your gummi bear is so cute!

  2. How cool is that, Vivan! Congratulations!! I'm glad you found us on here! Thanks for keeping in contact! We're nowhere near pregnancy, but we are DEFINATELY having the time of our lives! I love having ONE awesome roommate! Our apartment is CLEAN and I can Study whenever I want to!! Anyway I'm excited for you and wish you the best! Where are you living?

  3. We had no idea you were pregnant! We are very excited for you. We do have a baby outfit already, so we're prepared for when it's our turn. Hope you are feeling okay!


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