Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I can do it!

Oh my goodness. I am so excited to have a break! This friday will be my last day of class. I have two more tests and 2 papers and I'm done! It has been a crazy semester. I mostly took nursing classes, but it has been intense, I'm just happy that I didn't fail any tests this block(failing in the nursing program=75% or lower). It's so stinking hard, but I have learned sooo much, especially on children and pregnancy. Sometimes it is sad, for example this week we talked about death of children, what to do, how to handle it, and disabilities of children.

This whole semester has motivated me to chose a nursing focus. I want to work in the pediatric unit, then I want to try the intesive care unit. In october we toured the University of Utah's ICU and burn unit. It was really sad to see the people all wrapped up and hooked up to all sorts of machinery. Inside me, I was crying because my eyes met the eyes of a seriously burned patient and for a slight moment, I felt some of his emotional pain. My heart sunk. I want to help those who are helpless, and be a good example to them. I will help share the gospel by serving them.

Lately I have been wondering about my future... I know that I will be a mother with children, but I also want to be a nurse. I know prophets have said that I should be in the home with my children, but technically, won't I be with His other children that are sick too if I am a nurse? I guess I'm being a little stubborn. Well, if I don't end up working, I will be a faithful mom. I will devote my time to my children and my husband. All I want is to graduate. I am so close...

Well, Christmas is near and I was just thinking that I need to do some service. I feel so horrible because ever since I got into nursing, there has been no time to go to devotional (because of clinicals), and no time to volunteer with the organizations on campus that I used to volunteer at. I miss Happy Factory and painting all those cars, I miss the Special Olympic athletes that I used to swim with, I miss all the old folks in the nursing homes, and I miss the volunteers I interacted with. Maybe this break I will be able to do something for someone in need.

So this thanksgiving was pretty cool. We ate with the Nightingales. Great food! In fact, I ate soooo much and I have been eating a lot lately. I have been gaining weight! It's such a downer :(
I have to watch what I eat. I go straight for the candy and sweets. I gain weight easily but don't burn it as easy. Last year in the winter semester, I exercised SO much, every day pretty much. I lost over 6 percent body fat in like 2 months, but I didn't lose that much weight. In the 5 months I exercised, I lost like 5 pounds. I went on the treadmill, I was on the eliptical, and I did weights. Am I just naturally big and thick? Did the weight training increase my muscle mass? I don't know. I need to be active again because I can barely get up the stairs without huffing and puffing. Oyy!

I am excited for this month. I love the Christmas season! I can't wait to go home and see my family. We will fly out on Christmas day since Steve has to work on Christmas Eve. I miss my mom. I miss My inlaws so much! I love them all. I married into such a great family, and I am really blessed for that!
So I bought Steve's gift. His birthday is on the tenth. I have also been contemplating on buying him the violet expansion pack for Killer Bunnies, but I end up winning most of the time and he gets mad when I do :D

I wonder if Santa will give me what I want... I guess we'll see.
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