Thursday, October 23, 2008

My NEW look (looks)

So I have decided to switch my hair do. I get so bored of just leaving my hair down and it takes a ton of time and a ton of harispray to get it going. I then went to get glamour shots for my new looks. If you want, you can even vote on your favorite look, You never know, I might actually do it. Here they are:

This is look number one. This look accommodates my classy nerdy style and gives definition and volume to my hair. I loved the way the make up artiste did my makeup, and I love the waves in my hair. That was a fun one to do.

Next is look #2 What was my inspiration for this one? Yes, it was the library. I spend countless hours at the library working on my homework. In fact, I have spent so much time there, that I felt like I had to belong.

Look #3 After playing the role of librarian, I felt like I should have beehive hair. My inspiration? The movie Hairspray! You can't stop the beat!
Now I can hop into my Volkswagen van and feel so groooovy baby!!

Look #4 I couldn't handle all the flower power hippies, so I decided to travel forward in time. I love disco music and love skating on my favorite rink.

Super Tight Blue Jeans $20
Cute Halter top that I would never wear $15
Designer necklace and earring set $100
A bushy afro I can hide my lunch in, PRICELESS

Look #5 I dyed my hair Blonde. I look weird. The 90's weren't really my thing. If someone decides to make this a new trend today I promise that I will haunt them forever!

Look #6 Easy to manage, easy to keep, no hairspray, all natural, all latin.... just me.

Okay, so I couldn't resist. I had to take Steve as well. I had to bribe him with some halloween candy, but he finally gave in.

Steve #1
This is 50's business man Steve, I like the wave that goes back. Very stylish

Steve #2 Okay, so he didn't really like the 70's either, but it gave him some hair to play around with. It's soooo long and sooo soft. Maybe he should go for the "Sam Mathias" look.

Steve # 3

After having his hair so long, he was starting to go bald on the left side of his head, so he quickly came up with a solution: Move most of his hair on the right side to the left. "The comb over"

OKay, so after Steve went, we decided to take his 6 year old brother Danny as well. Here are his glamour shots:

Danny #1 I'm speechless!

Danny #2 He really wanted to follow in his older brother's footsteps. He too started to lose his hair.

Danny #3 The "80's" Need I say more?

We love you Danny, you are our inspiration!

So vote now, or text "love potion" to 55555

Text charges apply, no limit in texts, vote for Vivian first though. Good luck!

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