Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conference Weekend

So I have been sooooooo busy with school these past few weeks. There was a point where I had 3 tests in one week from one class (and they were HARD nursing exams), now I have been working on my twenty page paper about my patient with Preeclampsia and HELLP (pretty much she had extrememly high blood pressure before having a baby and remained in critical condition after she had her baby).

I got the job I have been wanting for a while.... I work for Melaleuca, "the Wellness Company!" I like it, I only have to work a minimum of 4 days a month and I can pick up extra shifts whenever I want. I am becoming a big fan of their products! Besides working there 4 days a month with 4 hour shifts, I get $80 worth of products every month!

So now we are gathering up as much money as we can, paying our debts, putting it in an emergency fund, and then saving like cRaZy! Steve and I had a credit card cutting party and cut our credit cards. We didn't have any owing balances on any of them, but we decided not to use them anyways. If we go broke, we go broke!

Steve cutting my Platinum Card that hadn't even been activated yet.

After the credit card party we took care of this little Gal, she is so cute. Addie belongs to my most beloved friend and previous room mate Missy Perez

She looks like a little boy, but she's a girl I tell ya!
I almost had to put a black bar to cover the nudity, but as you can see, Steve is already covering it.

On another note...

For my nursing class we had to go to Salt Lake and Provo to tour the hospitals and to have nurse recruiters beg us to work for them. Apparently BYU-Idaho nursing students are among the best in the area. They usually pick us first before others because of our standards and professionalism.

So my nursing trip was from October 1st to the 3rd, on the 3rd, Steve drove to Provo, picked me up and we headed to his mission reunion. It was great! I finally could put faces to names. I met President Watson, Steve's mission president also Sister Watson, Elder Eidukaitis, and got to see Jacob, Elder Carter, and others...

Here we are posing at Primary Children's Hospital in SLC on our last day of the tour.

us in Provo waiting until we could go to the Mission Reunion

Here is President and Sister Watson

Elder Arnold

Elder Eidukaitis

I failed to take a picture of the food afterwards. It was delicious, my favorite plates were the Pineapple meatballs, and the caramel grapes.

On Saturday, Steve and Brian went to priesthood while Alicia and I went to girls night at Roberts

Then we ate some great pizza and played awesome games. Alicia won the game, but I will win it next time ;)

Our tickets to General Conference (thanks to a good friend Elise)

Before going to the session, we stopped by to my aunt Gloria's house, ate some breakfast, said our goodbyes, and headed to conference. We were excited because Steve and I have never been to a live GC session.

I was rebellious and decided to take a picture before it all started. It was great to have the Prophet in the same room as you. We had pretty good seats and the sound was amazing!!

It was a great and memorable weekend!

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  1. oops! you did update your blog! For some crazy reason I thought the music was a post. . . sorry. how do you like mission reunions?Goood luck in school. You're classes sound pretty time consuming. We should have a game night soon. . .see ya later


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