Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Trip to Yellowstone!

So over the weekend, Steve and I decided to take a trip to Yellowstone. I have been living in Rexburg (just 1 and a half hours away from the park) for four years and I have never had the chance to visit Yellowstone.

We woke up early yesterday, ate breakfast, and departed. An hour and a half later we reached our destination! It's a miracle how much the scenery can change within a hundred miles... We left the ugly dry grass and desert then all of a sudden there are trees everywhere!

Here we are just at the beginning of the park. There is a lot of water, lots of streams and water falls. We only took a day trip so we went to the lower part where old faithful is. Maybe we will be able to drive completely through it when we have more time.

We took a road that was away from the main road and we found this canyon. Very pretty! You could even swim by the waterfall. Too bad we didn't bring our swimming suits. :(

A Bison on the side of the road. This is the only angle I could take it in since there were so many cars parked to take pictures of it. I decided to put this picture in after all.

A really hot geyser pool. All of them are boiling hot. They looked like you could just jump in and take a swim, but if you did, you would die. A little boy died in 1970 trying to play around these.

Our trip couldn't be complete until we saw Old Faithful. We went into the Old faithful Lodge and ate lunch there, then we sat outside to wait for it to be faithful and erupt. It was supposed to go off at 1:50, but it was almost 2pm when it did go off. It was still very faithful since it's supposed to go off within 10 minutes of the "start" time. I took a video of it on my camcorder, but not on this camera.

Old faithful finishing up, it went up really high.

Steve and Old Faithful. He got really tired after eating lunch...

Kepler Falls

Nice picture! Thanks to whoever took it.

Lily pads... we saw no frogs though

My sexy Husband!

This one felt like you were in a sauna. There is steam that blows at you, and some of it smells like Sulphur... Who cut the cheese?

Sapphire pool

Too cool to take a picture, a cool video of Sapphire pool and of Steve's excitement!

Steve says a few words...

I say a few words...

Okay, so this was an attempt, but it didnt really work. Its still a nice deer

It's crazy how so many cars just stop to see a wild animal.
There were so many Japanese and Asian tourists! I guess they are big on traveling. We saw so many Japanese kids that were awestruck and left speechless when they saw the Geysers, it was funny.

A video of us just relaxing and soaking our feet in the stream. It felt so nice.

This geyser is unpredictable, the last time it went off was in the 80's and it exploded violently for more than 40 hours. We were hoping it wouldn't erupt while we were standing near it, or else we would have been boiled alive.

Steve's thrilled face!

Back at the beginning of the road, on our way back home.

There were 6 of these just relaxing by the road.

A beautiful sunset covered by clouds on our way back to Rexburg.

We got home at 8:15, but we stopped at Taco Bell because I was craving a Frutista Freeze.

It was a nice trip, perfect to celebrate our 3rd month anniversary. We met a couple at Yellowstone that was celebrating their 58th anniversary, it was cute! Steve and I decided that in
the year 2066 we will be back to celebrate our 58th anniversary too.

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