Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Trip to Yellowstone!

So over the weekend, Steve and I decided to take a trip to Yellowstone. I have been living in Rexburg (just 1 and a half hours away from the park) for four years and I have never had the chance to visit Yellowstone.

We woke up early yesterday, ate breakfast, and departed. An hour and a half later we reached our destination! It's a miracle how much the scenery can change within a hundred miles... We left the ugly dry grass and desert then all of a sudden there are trees everywhere!

Here we are just at the beginning of the park. There is a lot of water, lots of streams and water falls. We only took a day trip so we went to the lower part where old faithful is. Maybe we will be able to drive completely through it when we have more time.

We took a road that was away from the main road and we found this canyon. Very pretty! You could even swim by the waterfall. Too bad we didn't bring our swimming suits. :(

A Bison on the side of the road. This is the only angle I could take it in since there were so many cars parked to take pictures of it. I decided to put this picture in after all.

A really hot geyser pool. All of them are boiling hot. They looked like you could just jump in and take a swim, but if you did, you would die. A little boy died in 1970 trying to play around these.

Our trip couldn't be complete until we saw Old Faithful. We went into the Old faithful Lodge and ate lunch there, then we sat outside to wait for it to be faithful and erupt. It was supposed to go off at 1:50, but it was almost 2pm when it did go off. It was still very faithful since it's supposed to go off within 10 minutes of the "start" time. I took a video of it on my camcorder, but not on this camera.

Old faithful finishing up, it went up really high.

Steve and Old Faithful. He got really tired after eating lunch...

Kepler Falls

Nice picture! Thanks to whoever took it.

Lily pads... we saw no frogs though

My sexy Husband!

This one felt like you were in a sauna. There is steam that blows at you, and some of it smells like Sulphur... Who cut the cheese?

Sapphire pool

Too cool to take a picture, a cool video of Sapphire pool and of Steve's excitement!

Steve says a few words...

I say a few words...

Okay, so this was an attempt, but it didnt really work. Its still a nice deer

It's crazy how so many cars just stop to see a wild animal.
There were so many Japanese and Asian tourists! I guess they are big on traveling. We saw so many Japanese kids that were awestruck and left speechless when they saw the Geysers, it was funny.

A video of us just relaxing and soaking our feet in the stream. It felt so nice.

This geyser is unpredictable, the last time it went off was in the 80's and it exploded violently for more than 40 hours. We were hoping it wouldn't erupt while we were standing near it, or else we would have been boiled alive.

Steve's thrilled face!

Back at the beginning of the road, on our way back home.

There were 6 of these just relaxing by the road.

A beautiful sunset covered by clouds on our way back to Rexburg.

We got home at 8:15, but we stopped at Taco Bell because I was craving a Frutista Freeze.

It was a nice trip, perfect to celebrate our 3rd month anniversary. We met a couple at Yellowstone that was celebrating their 58th anniversary, it was cute! Steve and I decided that in
the year 2066 we will be back to celebrate our 58th anniversary too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SLC fun

So I finally got the pictures of our trip. When we got home, we realized that we never had the computer cable to download the pictures from the camera. We didn't have a card reader either. I went to the library because they have the card readers there, then, found out that they no longer had them because people stole them! (how awful... I couldn't believe people stole things from the BYU-I library...) So I was stuck.

I noticed that our digital picture frame had a USB and a card reader port. So I connected both and found out that I could copy them into my USB drive. Yay!!!!!

Anyways, this is us before we left. Could you tell we were excited? Oh, by the way, that apartment building behind is what our apartment building looks like, except ours doesn't look slanted like that.

We ended up getting to the hotel around 10pm because we left kinda late due to helping friends move, carrying up a last piece of furniture to our 3rd floor apt, and making a stop at Kohls in Utah to buy Steve work shoes before he entered his training.

Our Hotel was really nice, really nice room service. I got bored though, I had to wait in the hotel until Steve got home at 4:30. I tried to keep myself busy by reading, watching TV, eating junk food, taking a nap, going online, but boredom got me. I got really excited for Steve to get home every day. One night I was in the mood to go mini golfing, so we did. I won a game, Steve won the other, but in general, Steve got to fewest added points.

Here I am with my purple golf ball to match my purple shirt.

And Steve with his light blue golf ball to match his shirt.

Here's us showing a little PDA, except there was really no one there until the end our both our games. They didn't seem to get much business.

So I had been to Temple Square before, but I never got to look at all the cool buildings and take nice pictures. We actually did a live session on the last week. It was sooooo cool!

I wanted to take a picture where all the newly married couples take it, but we couldn't. There were lots of weddings going on even on weekdays.

Since Steve had free food money from FedEx, he ordered nice expensive food. We went to The Garden Restaurant on the tenth floor and ate there. It was delicious and we enjoyed such an amazing view of the Temple at sunset.

A weird looking Steak

Philly Cheese Steak

After we stuffed ourselves with great food, we exited the restaurant and just had to take a picture of this. It looks like the pictures that they have on the pass along cards, except I took it.

This is Steve in his FedEx shirt, I guess his shirt is really long that he has to tuck it in.

So on the first Sunday, we went to Music and the Spoken Word. I forgot my camera so I missed out on great MoTab pictures. I took these when we toured the conference center.

The view from the roof of the Conference Center

Then we went to Brian's organ recital. Here is Brian practicing and Alicia sitting behind him. We also got to meet Brian's fans! They were..... nice. They seem to love him.

Some tourists took a picture of us with our camera. I like this picture.

This is right after the practice and before it began.

The camera's flash was pretty bright, but Alicia had her camera and it saved the day. After uploading the pictures I realized that I didn't have any pictures of Alicia in my camera, I was kind of sad and upset. I thought I had taken some. I don't even think we got some of just both of us..... *sigh*... I will next time. I promise.

Our trip to Salt Lake City could not have been complete for Steve until he visited Zack Carter AKA "Elder Carter" and his family. They were way funny and cool. Elder Carter and Steve served together in the Mesa, Arizona Mission. They laughed the whole time we were there because they were just reminiscing about their missions.

On the last Monday, we went to Provo again to visit Brian and Alicia. We had dinner and then Brian took us to the Carillon Tower. Steve here is playing the practice carillon while Brian is putting on his socks.

After climbing more than 100 stairs, we finally made it to the top! Huffing and puffing (at least I was.) I realized at that point that I need to work out.

So Brian played a really really really hard song at the end! It was great!

My Brother-in-law playing Beauty and the Beast on the Carillon at BYU.

This is Steve's face while Brian played.

So we almost didn't get to go to Lagoon because we were planning to go on Friday or Saturday and it turns out that Steve's boss wanted him in Rexburg the very next day after his training. I was sad. But on Wednesday, Steve got out early. So we got to go anyways. We saved 24 dollars by using a Deseret Book coupon. So we got there around 4pm and stayed until closing time. The best ride they had was "Wicked." It's powered by electro magnets which causes you to go so fast in the beginning. You first go into a small tunnel, then you go up in a 90 degree angle, when you reach the top, you go down at a 90 degree angle! then you go round and round, upside down, and side to side. It's so awesome!

This is us in line for Wicked the first time!

The line was pretty long. Apparently Lagoon's lines that they build are not long enough because most people end up making their own lines wrapping around things and getting in people's way. The second time we went on wicked we saved half an hour of waiting time by going into the "single riders" line which had 3 people in front of us. In the end Steve and I got to sit next to each other. Ha!

I took a picture of a different ride from the top of the Wicked line.

Steve was so scared to go on the ride!

So was I!!! Oh no!!

Here we go!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Except Steve and I laughed throughout the ride! It was fun.

This was Steve after riding wicked, he was so scared! notice the jeans!!....... Just kidding. This was after riding another ride that threw water at us. It drenched me!

And this is "The Rocket" also known as "The Power Tower" in Minnesota's Valley Fair Theme Park.

After going on this ride, we went to the water park. The water was sooo cold! It was like lake water. The sucky part was that you had to rent your own tubes to go on most of the water rides. Each tube was $5. We decided not to do it because they were about to close the water park anyways. We got into what they called "a hot tub" but turned out to be a warm tub. We got in anyways, and noticed the lifeguard parading and keeping watch of the "hot tubs" every 10 seconds, back and forth, he would tell us that we couldn't sit on the stairs of the hot tub, and couldn't splash each other.

So we went back after the water park closed and went on the rocket and wicked again. The night was finished by riding the sky line twice. It was fun.

On Thursday we headed home. We stopped by to visit Uncle Dan and Jody in Downey. Jody wasn't home, but we talked to uncle Dan, Ruby, and Maggie. Dan also gave us the painting that he drew of me that was in the June ensign.

The painting is now hanging in our living room.

After Visiting Dan, we got to Rexburg safe and sound, AND tired. We went to sleep right away because Steve had to be at work early. So that's our 11 day SLC trip!
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