Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

So, the fourth was such a great day! We slept in, had a fancy breakfast, went shopping for a frisbee, and headed to Idaho Falls to the Visser's place for a BBQ. We had really good hamburgers and a great potato salad. After 9 pm, we headed to see the fireworks, Bryan had saved a spot with a blanket, and to my surprise, it was still there with tons of people around it. The fireworks were pretty sweet! They were also synchronized to music.

I guess they are supposed to be one of the best fireworks on the east of the Mississippi. Does it seem like everyone claims this? I mean Minnesota- The twin cities lies on both sides of the Mississippi. I remember people saying that the surrounding fireworks are either the best on the east side of the Mississippi River, or the west side. Is Idaho Falls seriously the best on this side? What about Disneyland? Disney world?

My camera was acting funny and taking weird pictures. But we got cool pictures of the fireworks!

Steve and I waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Bryan and Kelly- They are so cool.


look at the colors!

This looks kinda like abstract art!

At this point, Kelly fell asleep...

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