Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those one way streets!

We were driving to Temple Square yesterday and could not find any parking! I hate that! The one ways streets get the worst out of you! When you think you found your destination, you get on the turning lane, to find out that it's a one way that is in the opposite direction. Then you find the next street and turn then you end up going too far because of other one ways. Maybe it's because I'm not from here. We saw so many tourists it was crazy! Anyways we finally found a ramp to go to into. We walked to Temple Square took a few pictures and ended up dining at "The Roof." It was great! Steve ordered a nice 25$ Steak dinner, and I ordered a Philly Cheese Steak platter. Why do guys like beef so much? I admit it was an amazing Steak, but guys always seem to love it soooo much. I'm more of a chicken person. I love chicken. Why order burgers when I can have a chicken sandwich? I'm such a girl....

It was a great night out... we also went mini golfing. Steve won a game, and I won the other by 1 point. That was close! I scored 2 holes in one and Steve got 1 hole in one. Fun Fun....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Done with the semester and moving on...

So last week was our last week of School. It was exciting to know that it is finally over and that we can rest a little more now. My grades were a B in Nursing Metabolics, a B in Cancer/GI, and a B+ in Psych Nursing. This was a tough semester since I got married right dead in the middle of it and had to move as well. Steve got a B in Calculus, B in Book of Mormon, an A minus in music, an A minus in English, and an A in American Heritage. He worked so hard in his calculus class. I'm glad he was glad when he saw his grades. Now Steve has 6 months to rest, work, and earn some money. I have 6 more weeks to rest and find a job.

I applied to the IF hospital for a Nurse Apprentice Position and for a unit secretary. All the jobs I applied were part time though since I will be going back to school in Sept. When searching for a job, I came across the phrase "must have hospital working experience." Everywhere I apply has that same phrase. If all the jobs require previous hospital experience, where are you supposed to get it if they don't even give you a chance to have any? I haven't worked in a hospital, but I have done clinicals in them. Does that count? I hope so. I hope I hear back soon. I would like to get a job in the hospital first, if not then I will listen to Steve and apply here in Rexburg where it's close, probably making pizzas again.

So these past 3 days we have been moving to our new apartment in College Park. It has taken us longer than we thought. We are now on the third floor. Which was dumb at first, and then we found out that the 3rd floor apartments have an air conditioner. Woo Hoo!! It's great now.
The first day of moving was slow. We started putting stuff in boxes but got distracted by a few things (i.e. finding stuff that we didn't know we had, finding things that we had been looking for forever). We got some help from Brother Backman and the Nightingales. Then yesterday Steve got home from work at 6pm. So I hauled everything I could yesterday, mostly kitchen stuff. Since I don't have Steve's muscles, it took me longer to transport the stuff. I even cleaned the old apartment a bit, and had to make dinner! (I felt like SuPeR WiFe!) It was a relief when Steve got home, because as soon as he came we both took a short nap. He was tired, I was tired... my right calf was burning. I guess I worked it really hard that now it's super strong.

I dropped some stuff we didn't need at DI, then I was convinced to go in and look at the stuff since they had an overload from all the students at the end of the semester. I found a giant picture frame and a cute satin picture board. I went next door to the distribution center and bought a nice big picture of Christ

So now we have a Jesus Picture in our new apartment, which is great because He is the center of our home and our family.

I love buying stuff for our home. Steve loves it too. In fact we are both in love with the new bedding that we bought. It is truly "royal" we feel like King and queen. It even came with window treatments. I will put a picture of it soon. We also bought some real plants a few weeks ago which added a different feeling to the room. Plants and flowers make everything look so pretty. To freshen up the living room we found a reed diffuser on clearance at Albertsons for 10 cents! It makes the room smell like Jasmine....

Anyways, yesterday I plugged the TV in and found out that there is no cable in this complex! Noooooo!! I won't be able to watch Cold Cases, or the first 48, or Discovery channel. Maybe it's better like this.

Viv: sooo.. honey... I found out that we don't get cable. (frowny face)
Steve: Whaaaaat??? are you sure? (face of shock)
Viv: yes, I tried plugging it in...
Steve: Oh well... In that case we'll just have to buy a Wii (big smile)
You should have seen his face, it was priceless. Yes, a Nintendo Wii! We have been wanting one. This might be our Christmas present. I played Mario Cart at Best buy for like half an hour while I waited for Steve to get out of work in IF. I also dropped my camera to be fixed since it took weird pictures after a certain tragic event (which I won't go into detail). They said it would take up to 20 days. So I won't get to take pictures with my camera when we go to SLC. Hopefully Steve's camera takes good pictures too.

So Fed Ex is paying Steve for his Courier Training in SLC, his gas and his mileage, and food, and I get to go with him! I'm really liking Fed Ex! They booked a really nice hotel for us! We're staying at the Radisson Hotel by the airport in SLC.

I had to ask Steve like 3 times to make sure if this was the Hotel we were staying at and it is. I guess this is like our second honey moon, but this time Steve will be gone during the days, and we will be staying for 2 weeks instead of 2 days. I told Steve I wanted to go out and explore with him and do something that we wouldn't do normally. Like horseback riding, hiking in the mountains, camping, go to a theme park, or tour the city. I'm excited, hopefully Steve will be able to do those things while we are there. We leave this Monday and come back August 8th.

I hope I take lots of pictures!

I'm glad we have a break... We both need to recharge our batteries before we come back and continue our normal lives!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

So, the fourth was such a great day! We slept in, had a fancy breakfast, went shopping for a frisbee, and headed to Idaho Falls to the Visser's place for a BBQ. We had really good hamburgers and a great potato salad. After 9 pm, we headed to see the fireworks, Bryan had saved a spot with a blanket, and to my surprise, it was still there with tons of people around it. The fireworks were pretty sweet! They were also synchronized to music.

I guess they are supposed to be one of the best fireworks on the east of the Mississippi. Does it seem like everyone claims this? I mean Minnesota- The twin cities lies on both sides of the Mississippi. I remember people saying that the surrounding fireworks are either the best on the east side of the Mississippi River, or the west side. Is Idaho Falls seriously the best on this side? What about Disneyland? Disney world?

My camera was acting funny and taking weird pictures. But we got cool pictures of the fireworks!

Steve and I waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Bryan and Kelly- They are so cool.


look at the colors!

This looks kinda like abstract art!

At this point, Kelly fell asleep...

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