Monday, June 30, 2008


This was a fun night! We went bowling with our next door neighbors the Backmans. Steve's bowling score was high the first game, but I managed to win both games with 4 strikes in the 2nd game. After bowling, we went out for ice cream and watched Nacho Libre!

Go CTina!!

Will he get a strike? or a gutter ball?

Me trying to strike, but I only got one pin.

I think Steve got a strike on this one!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Apartment

Here are a few pictures of our cute little apartment. We still have lots of decorations to put up. At first, we barely had any furniture, but now we do. I really like the apartment now although we will have to move at the end of next month. Having our own apartment is great! It's nice and quiet and our ward is one of a kind.

Our kitchen is decent sized. It's more modern than other apartments in town. This would be almost a direct view from living room near the entrance.

This is our living room standing from the kitchen..

Our SuPeR CoOl T.V
And below is Steve watching TV.

Above is the view to the right of the entrance.
And you can see our dining room table. So cute!

Over time, there will be more magnets on the fridge...

We decided to make our "bathroom theme" neutral. Light brown, taupe (I think), sea blue, light green, and cream...

I love our bedroom. For some reason, it just turned out kind of fancy. It's mostly gold with burgundy. We bought some cool wire organizers at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's going to have to be there until we have more money to buy a dresser. The cool part about it, is that right now it doesn't take much space and our room looks huge. I didn't bother to put a picture of our other bedroom because it's all boxes, books, and extra stuff that we can't find a place to put it in.

Our mattress is soooooo comfortable!!

The 2 Perfect Sleeper Love Birds!

And this concludes the apartment tour. Hope you liked it. Check back later for more updates. ;)


Here are a few wedding pictures taken from my camera. This was truly the best day of my life. I made the right decision to marry Steve. He is so amazing! I can't wait to grow old with him!

Below is the Mathias family with the Morales'

My mom

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