Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I can do it!

Oh my goodness. I am so excited to have a break! This friday will be my last day of class. I have two more tests and 2 papers and I'm done! It has been a crazy semester. I mostly took nursing classes, but it has been intense, I'm just happy that I didn't fail any tests this block(failing in the nursing program=75% or lower). It's so stinking hard, but I have learned sooo much, especially on children and pregnancy. Sometimes it is sad, for example this week we talked about death of children, what to do, how to handle it, and disabilities of children.

This whole semester has motivated me to chose a nursing focus. I want to work in the pediatric unit, then I want to try the intesive care unit. In october we toured the University of Utah's ICU and burn unit. It was really sad to see the people all wrapped up and hooked up to all sorts of machinery. Inside me, I was crying because my eyes met the eyes of a seriously burned patient and for a slight moment, I felt some of his emotional pain. My heart sunk. I want to help those who are helpless, and be a good example to them. I will help share the gospel by serving them.

Lately I have been wondering about my future... I know that I will be a mother with children, but I also want to be a nurse. I know prophets have said that I should be in the home with my children, but technically, won't I be with His other children that are sick too if I am a nurse? I guess I'm being a little stubborn. Well, if I don't end up working, I will be a faithful mom. I will devote my time to my children and my husband. All I want is to graduate. I am so close...

Well, Christmas is near and I was just thinking that I need to do some service. I feel so horrible because ever since I got into nursing, there has been no time to go to devotional (because of clinicals), and no time to volunteer with the organizations on campus that I used to volunteer at. I miss Happy Factory and painting all those cars, I miss the Special Olympic athletes that I used to swim with, I miss all the old folks in the nursing homes, and I miss the volunteers I interacted with. Maybe this break I will be able to do something for someone in need.

So this thanksgiving was pretty cool. We ate with the Nightingales. Great food! In fact, I ate soooo much and I have been eating a lot lately. I have been gaining weight! It's such a downer :(
I have to watch what I eat. I go straight for the candy and sweets. I gain weight easily but don't burn it as easy. Last year in the winter semester, I exercised SO much, every day pretty much. I lost over 6 percent body fat in like 2 months, but I didn't lose that much weight. In the 5 months I exercised, I lost like 5 pounds. I went on the treadmill, I was on the eliptical, and I did weights. Am I just naturally big and thick? Did the weight training increase my muscle mass? I don't know. I need to be active again because I can barely get up the stairs without huffing and puffing. Oyy!

I am excited for this month. I love the Christmas season! I can't wait to go home and see my family. We will fly out on Christmas day since Steve has to work on Christmas Eve. I miss my mom. I miss My inlaws so much! I love them all. I married into such a great family, and I am really blessed for that!
So I bought Steve's gift. His birthday is on the tenth. I have also been contemplating on buying him the violet expansion pack for Killer Bunnies, but I end up winning most of the time and he gets mad when I do :D

I wonder if Santa will give me what I want... I guess we'll see.

Monday, November 24, 2008

This is what our babies will look like

So I was just wondering today what our babies would look like... Then I found a website that posts what your baby may look like...

Check it out: This is our little boy Benjamin, he apparently likes to build things, maybe he'll be like his engineer dad.

and this is my little girl Macie, She got my hair!

They look really funny... I hope they don't turn out exactly like the pictures. I even tested it out by making a picture of Steve with Steve's parents' pictures... Lots of people know a Mathias when they see them and this guy does not really look like a Mathias.

I don't see much resemblance...

6 Months strong!

Steve and I have been married for 6 months already! Time has gone by so fast. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are so happy together and looking forward to what the future brings. Being married is one of the greatest things that can happen to a person. I honestly can't wait to have a big family and grow old together!! Hurray for 6 wonderful months! I love you Steve!

Tag! My picture

This is the 6th picture in the sixth folder that I have. I was afraid it was going to be one of the other pictures from high school. I'm happy with the 6th pic in the 6th folder. Here it is... I was 16 at the time, new to the restored Gospel...

I tag... The Backmans, the Jackmans, and the Goulds- post the sixth picture in the sixth folder and then tag your friends and family... Hopefully they will read this post.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween, Birthday, and Church

So I totally forgot to post this. Here we are carving our pumpkins...

It looks like I'm killing it.

Steve's pumpkin, and my pirate pumpkin

Eating at Applebees to celebrate my birthday 11/10. It was great food.

Last week at church...

I love this suit. Steve looks awesome! (like a model)

The end.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A few things.. and some puppies

Okay, so sometimes I feel like I don't have anything to write about. But here are a few things that happened these past few days...

Halloween was okay. I was sad that I couldn't dress up. Steve and I both had to work and when we got back, the ward party had ended.

My uncle passed away today. He had a stroke yesterday, and I guess it hit him hard. He was a great man. May he rest in peace.

My nursing scenario is over. I was really nervous today. Every semester we have a scenario in which we have to take care of our mannequin "patient" in front of our instructors. This semester went a lot better, but I had no time to practice some of the skills I had learned before. So, when we had to hang and IV medication, I freaked out, and could not think clearly. I felt like such an idiot. Also, some of the things that the instructors make you do is not fair. For example: You will be able to tell on a real person, their demeanor and their skin color, their hydration, but you can't assess that on a mannequin. It's weird. The instructors give you the information, but it's awkward because if it were a real person, you would be able to tell right away. I hope I passed it.

Anyways... so I really miss having pets. I love dogs, and I miss my Cleo and Oscar. I really wish I could have them again. Once Steve and I get a house, I want him to get me a puppy for christmas.

Here they are. Oscar is the small one and Cleo is the miniature schnauzer. They were in love and decided to have a family of their own.

Here are their offspring. They were THE cutest puppies! They are now living with their new owners and scattered over the US, Particularly in MN and UT.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My NEW look (looks)

So I have decided to switch my hair do. I get so bored of just leaving my hair down and it takes a ton of time and a ton of harispray to get it going. I then went to get glamour shots for my new looks. If you want, you can even vote on your favorite look, You never know, I might actually do it. Here they are:

This is look number one. This look accommodates my classy nerdy style and gives definition and volume to my hair. I loved the way the make up artiste did my makeup, and I love the waves in my hair. That was a fun one to do.

Next is look #2 What was my inspiration for this one? Yes, it was the library. I spend countless hours at the library working on my homework. In fact, I have spent so much time there, that I felt like I had to belong.

Look #3 After playing the role of librarian, I felt like I should have beehive hair. My inspiration? The movie Hairspray! You can't stop the beat!
Now I can hop into my Volkswagen van and feel so groooovy baby!!

Look #4 I couldn't handle all the flower power hippies, so I decided to travel forward in time. I love disco music and love skating on my favorite rink.

Super Tight Blue Jeans $20
Cute Halter top that I would never wear $15
Designer necklace and earring set $100
A bushy afro I can hide my lunch in, PRICELESS

Look #5 I dyed my hair Blonde. I look weird. The 90's weren't really my thing. If someone decides to make this a new trend today I promise that I will haunt them forever!

Look #6 Easy to manage, easy to keep, no hairspray, all natural, all latin.... just me.

Okay, so I couldn't resist. I had to take Steve as well. I had to bribe him with some halloween candy, but he finally gave in.

Steve #1
This is 50's business man Steve, I like the wave that goes back. Very stylish

Steve #2 Okay, so he didn't really like the 70's either, but it gave him some hair to play around with. It's soooo long and sooo soft. Maybe he should go for the "Sam Mathias" look.

Steve # 3

After having his hair so long, he was starting to go bald on the left side of his head, so he quickly came up with a solution: Move most of his hair on the right side to the left. "The comb over"

OKay, so after Steve went, we decided to take his 6 year old brother Danny as well. Here are his glamour shots:

Danny #1 I'm speechless!

Danny #2 He really wanted to follow in his older brother's footsteps. He too started to lose his hair.

Danny #3 The "80's" Need I say more?

We love you Danny, you are our inspiration!

So vote now, or text "love potion" to 55555

Text charges apply, no limit in texts, vote for Vivian first though. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conference Weekend

So I have been sooooooo busy with school these past few weeks. There was a point where I had 3 tests in one week from one class (and they were HARD nursing exams), now I have been working on my twenty page paper about my patient with Preeclampsia and HELLP (pretty much she had extrememly high blood pressure before having a baby and remained in critical condition after she had her baby).

I got the job I have been wanting for a while.... I work for Melaleuca, "the Wellness Company!" I like it, I only have to work a minimum of 4 days a month and I can pick up extra shifts whenever I want. I am becoming a big fan of their products! Besides working there 4 days a month with 4 hour shifts, I get $80 worth of products every month!

So now we are gathering up as much money as we can, paying our debts, putting it in an emergency fund, and then saving like cRaZy! Steve and I had a credit card cutting party and cut our credit cards. We didn't have any owing balances on any of them, but we decided not to use them anyways. If we go broke, we go broke!

Steve cutting my Platinum Card that hadn't even been activated yet.

After the credit card party we took care of this little Gal, she is so cute. Addie belongs to my most beloved friend and previous room mate Missy Perez

She looks like a little boy, but she's a girl I tell ya!
I almost had to put a black bar to cover the nudity, but as you can see, Steve is already covering it.

On another note...

For my nursing class we had to go to Salt Lake and Provo to tour the hospitals and to have nurse recruiters beg us to work for them. Apparently BYU-Idaho nursing students are among the best in the area. They usually pick us first before others because of our standards and professionalism.

So my nursing trip was from October 1st to the 3rd, on the 3rd, Steve drove to Provo, picked me up and we headed to his mission reunion. It was great! I finally could put faces to names. I met President Watson, Steve's mission president also Sister Watson, Elder Eidukaitis, and got to see Jacob, Elder Carter, and others...

Here we are posing at Primary Children's Hospital in SLC on our last day of the tour.

us in Provo waiting until we could go to the Mission Reunion

Here is President and Sister Watson

Elder Arnold

Elder Eidukaitis

I failed to take a picture of the food afterwards. It was delicious, my favorite plates were the Pineapple meatballs, and the caramel grapes.

On Saturday, Steve and Brian went to priesthood while Alicia and I went to girls night at Roberts

Then we ate some great pizza and played awesome games. Alicia won the game, but I will win it next time ;)

Our tickets to General Conference (thanks to a good friend Elise)

Before going to the session, we stopped by to my aunt Gloria's house, ate some breakfast, said our goodbyes, and headed to conference. We were excited because Steve and I have never been to a live GC session.

I was rebellious and decided to take a picture before it all started. It was great to have the Prophet in the same room as you. We had pretty good seats and the sound was amazing!!

It was a great and memorable weekend!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My detailed version of "The Story"

Oh Boy! This is the longest post ever written. proceed with caution...

Steve and I were sitting in the living room this past week and we were talking about how summer went by so fast and then I asked what day and date it was, then we both fell silent and said "wow!"
We realized that Steve and I had met almost a year ago. Tomorrow, in fact, will be exactly one year.

Last year around this time, I was still debating whether I should go to the YSA conference. I had told most of my friends I was going, but I wasn't sure if I would have a way to get there. Things worked out and I borrowed my mom's car and gave some of my friends rides. The first night, Fri Sept 7th 2007, there was a guest speaker and then after that was a comedy show called "comedy sports." It was such a fun night. The next day, we did a service project, ate lunch, played games, and to finish off the conference, we all went on a riverboat ride on the Mississippi River. Almost my whole entire branch went and we ended up swing dancing on the boat. After dancing with some boys and girls from my branch, I decided to cool off on the outside of the boat, in the dark.

That is where I met Steve. He was sitting on the side and I felt like talking to him. It was a short conversation, perhaps 2 minutes... We exchanged names, other get-to-know-you questions, and then I bid him goodbye as I made my way back to the "dance."

After the ride finished, we drove back to the chapel for treats and a closing prayer. I ended up taking a weird exit that took us on the opposite side of town. It was already past 10 and I said to my friends, "are you sure you want to go back just for the closing prayer and some treats?" My friends insisted, and after being lost for 20 minutes, we found our way back and returned.

Steve is sitting on the stage.

We ate mini eclairs and they said a closing prayer. The thoughts running through my head was, "great, I didn't even meet anyone."
"another year has gone by without me meeting my match"
Little did I know that my eternal companion would be in the same room that night, and that I had even talked to him!

As we headed out, we moved within the crowds. I saw the guy that I had met before, I think his name was Steve.
"Hey Steve!" I yelled, noticing that he was talking to a pretty girl.
"Hey!" He said. Steve had no idea he had met me a couple hours before, perhaps it was too dark to have seen me.
"Do you have facebook?" I asked with a big smile.
"Yeah, I do."
"I'll add you then," I replied, over several people in front of me, "what is your last name?"
"Okay. Steve Mathias"
"What is yours?" he asked.
"Vivian Nunez. I'll add you then"
"okay, I'll add you too"
"Nice to have met you Steve, See ya!" I waved
"Bye" and Steve continued his conversation with the other girl.

My short term memory has always been a trial for me. My friends and I walked back to my car.
What was his name again? Steve MMah..... Steve May... Oh Crap, that sucks. Nice fellow though. The days came flowing by, the nights creeped in, and I soon forgot about this handsome young man.

While checking facebook one day, I saw I had a friend request. Steve Mathias!
That was great! I felt bad inside though, because I told him I would add him first. I accepted him as my new friend and wrote on his wall. The following are real posts and messages.

Vivian Mathias wrote
at 2:43pm on September 10th, 2007
hey there!

Steve Mathias (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN) wrote
at 9:16pm on September 10th, 2007
Hey you're in the BYU-ID network; is that where you go to school? If so how long are you here?

Vivian Mathias wrote
at 2:31pm on September 11th, 2007
Yeah I go there. I'm on the winter/summer track, so I will be on break until January. I have about 2 more years left (since I changed my major) I'm currently working in St. Paul right now. Did you know any one else from there?

Steve Mathias (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN) wrote
at 10:47am on September 13th, 2007
I know lots of people that go to school there. Most prominently, my sister is marrying a guy from Idaho next Friday and they'll both be going to school there starting in January.
On Sept 29th, our branch went on a temple trip to do Baptisms. When we got out, I waited for my friend to finish up. The rest of the branch decided to go to I-Hop. While I waited outside, this cute guy dressed in white comes out. He says hi, and I had forgotten his name (short term memory). I looked at his name tag, and realized he was Steve! I asked him to go to Ihop with us, but he would have had no way home if he would have come. His ride was Sister Luker and he told me that she was like his second mom...

Steve Mathias (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN) wrote
at 6:57pm on September 29th, 2007
Hey, good to see you today! Sorry I couldn't join you. I couldn't ditch my ride. She's like my second mom, no really, in a non-polygamist sort of way of course. What's new?

Vivian Mathias wrote
at 5:08pm on October 2nd, 2007
I-hop was fun! perhaps another time. So are you a temple worker, or were you just there for a session? So, tell me more about yourself

Steve Mathias (Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN) wrote
at 8:15am on October 4th, 2007
Yeah I work at the temple on first, third, and fifth Saturdays. It's just about the coolest job there is. So... tell you about myself... all in a wall post? I think we should hang out sometime. How's that sound? If it's not too short of notice, I'm going swing dancing tonight at like 10:30 and Latin dancing at I think about the same time tomorrow. Otherwise we can hang some other time.

October 4 at 4:06pm
Swing Dancing! how awesome. Dancing is so much fun, are you pretty good at it as well? Where is it at? Are you going by yourself? Which Latin Dance are you going to tomorrow? I want to go. Dancing is such a part of me.

Give me a call if you can, I don't check facebook much

cell: 651-587-5114

talk to you later Steve,

I decided to go swing dancing that night, however, I got too involved with my book Twilight, that I lost track of time. Before I knew it, I had taken a shower and I was ready for bed at 9:45pm. The phone rings....
"Hey, It's Steve."
"Oh Hey!" Oooops I had forgotten about tonight
"Are you still up for Swing dancing tonight?"
"It's kinda late, don't you think?"I said.
"But I told you it would be late around 10."
"Oh sorry, but I'm all ready for bed..." I was too lazy to go now. "Maybe tomorrow."
Steve was sad that I couldn't go, but regardless, he went and had a good time without me.

The next day was Institute night at the St. Croix chapel in Hudson Wisconsin. I always went to institute so I didn't plan on missing it. I remembered about the latin dance that Steve invited me to that night, and as much as I wanted to go, I just didn't feel like it, I was tired. Regardless, I packed my skirt, my cute top and some dancing shoes just in case I changed my mind. After institute, the branch pals decided they were going to watch a movie at Bethany's house, it was a common tradition to go over her place. I told them that this guy named Steve had invited me to a dance but I wasn't sure if I should go because General Conference was the next day, and I WOULD be out past my bedtime. Perhaps I was going to go home. My pals told me to stay and that we could watch the movie at Bethany's until Steve called.

Turns out that we watched Thuroughly Modern Millie and Steve called.... I told Steve that I couldn't go, that I was far away, and that I would drive like an hour just to get there. Deep down inside though, I just wanted to finish the movie. So I told Steve "next time", that next time would be for real. I wonder how he felt. I turned him down twice! ouch. Turns out that the movie took longer than expected and I ended up Staying at Bethany's until 2 am.

October 9 at 4:09pm
ha! I was sad that i missed it, but as excited as I was to go to bed early before conference, I was tempted to go watch a movie at my friend Bethany's house. It was long, so I got home late. I drifted off for like 5 minutes during the Saturday morning session. Boy were they great though! I heard Priesthood session was the best, I can't wait to read it when it comes out. How did it go for you??

So yeah... Hey, I would like to go on Thursday or Friday, the only thing is that I will be so tired afterwards, and I will fall asleep on my keyboard at work. But hey, dancing is totally worth it! Let's go!! We should do something before as well. Call me and let me know!
see ya
October 10 at 9:59am
Conference was great! Priesthood was deffinetly my favorite. You can actually watch or listen to online. I had to do that with Elder Holland's talk because I drifted off for that part of the Saturday afternoon session. That ended up being one of my favortie talks too.

Anyway, I don't really care what night we go dancing. It all depends on wether you would rather teach a poor ethnocentricly cultured white boy to latin dance or dance with a fairily competent swing dancer. As for doing something beforehand, I'm afraid I'll have to ask for a rain check. I have to work every night, so I'm usually busy right up until it's time to go dancing.

Finally, don't worry about the sleep thing. You're only young once! You'll be surprised how little sleep you can actually function on. Just take a little nap here and there when you can.

So... funny story. I just typed this whole thing before realizing that you said to call. Rather than let this whole thing go to waste, I'll just send it and call if I don't get a reply before tonight. If we've already talked by the time you read this I'm sure it was nice talking to you.



SO LONG STORY SHORT... I finally went Swing dancing with Steve! I had so much fun, and that night was awesome. I flirted big time, and he knew that I liked him. After that night we went swing dancing almost every week.

October 14 at 6:31pm
Mannnn!! I haven't been to a swing dance in a loooong time. That was fun. Now it's time for Latin Dancing. I love to teach ethnocentricly cultured white boys to dance! That's like the top ten things I like to do ;) I hope you don't mind dancing with a latin girl who can't teach dance. It will be a fun challenge. Girls always follow... So I guess its my turn to lead. So yeah, Like I said, I could barely keep my eyes open, I should have gone anyways... Oh well, next week. my co worker asked me where I went on Thursday night, and I told her. She wants to go too, and some of the other coworkers as well. So where is this latin dance at?

The story doesn't end here though, while I went swing dancing, I was kinda dating this other guy who liked me. When I met Steve though things changed. I wasn't sure if this "Steve thing" was going to be long term, so I left it open. On the 20th, I was on a date with the other guy and later that night was a country-type dance. I had invited Steve to come too. Now, I didn't think of it at the time, but I was dating 2 guys at once, and now I feel horrible that I did. My whole branch was pretty much there and they knew about both guys... That night, Steve Asked me on a non dance date and I happily accepted, but I felt horrible for the other guy.
That night me and the other guy "broke up" I felt horrible because I had led him on. I know that I was supposed to be with Steve now, and so we began our courtship. Seems like music and dance brought us closer together because the next week was the YSA Halloween Dance. I was Minnie Mouse and Steve was Indiana Jones. We had fun dancing together, when we got tired, we stepped outside and we talked for a while about our interests.

The next day we went to the Minnesota Zoo. We watched the cool animals there. When we were about to leave to go see the animals outside, we heard swing music playing. Immediately some of our group friends began dancing. Steve and I also began to dance. As we danced we smiled and laughed, hoping it would last longer. I loved looking into his eyes while we danced, it made me happy. The music ended and we stopped dancing, BUT WAIT! we didn't stop holding hands! We finished our tour of the zoo without letting go. Steve dropped me off at my place.

My mom met Steve for the first time and that night I had to play a special number along with 2 other girls at Stake Conference. It was great, it went well and Steve got to hear me play violin for the first time. I also heard him play the piano for the first time. I know it sounds corny, but it united our spirits.

The next week would change our lives for the better.

On monday October 29th, I received a letter from BYU-Idaho... a letter I had been waiting for for months. It was a letter of acceptance to the nursing program. I was thrilled!!! After jumping up and down, I began thinking of Steve. What would happen? I had to return to school in January. He was currently working for a good company and going to college in MN. I put the thoughts off and just took it one step at a time. Steve had to leave to Arizona for a few days. I thought I wouldn't get to talk to him very much while he was there, but we did. We talked till 3 or almost 4am every night he was there.


October 31 at 12:25pm
What a strange weekend I'm going to have! In some ways I'm I'm sure it'll fly because there's so many people to see, but I'm going to miss dancing with you and the possibility of hanging out on the weekend. Two weeks (o.k. well alomost two weeks) without dancing seem like so long!
Oh well. I'll stay in contact.

Yours truly,

By the way, do people at 3m get mad when you text?
October 31 at 7:27pm
Yes, my weekend has gone so slow already.... It's gonna be a long one. No dancing tomorrow... no " hanging" out this weekend... *sigh*
Please don't be afraid to call me. You can anytime to tell me about your crazy adventures. I updated my text limit so now I can receive more texts (and picture texts too). The people at 3M don't get mad. I just can't text that much because my work room does not receive a signal. ( I work around a very strong magnetic field) If I don't turn my phone off for the whole day, my battery gets drained. So most of the time my phone will be off, unless I get texts from you. I have to go outside to the corridors and the brake room to text you back. If you want to text me, the ideal time would be around 8 am, just like you did today.

Anyways, I'll miss you

Sincerely yours,



When Steve came back from his trip he formally asked me to be his girlfriend. (Nov 5th)
On November 10th, my birthday, Steve took me to Minnehaha falls. It was kind of cold that day. I met his parents before we left. They were really nice to me.

We walked along the park holding hands and saw many couples holding hands too. We walked along a smaller path that led to a nice view of the river. It was cold. I paused. Steve paused. and without hesitation, I reached over hugged him and kissed him. It was the best birthday ever!

The next day my mom and I were invited to eat dinner at his place with all his family. My mom met his parents and I met all of Steve's siblings (except Brian). We laughed a lot and Steve's mom Debbie pulled out photos of Steve as a kid. Steve was embarrased but I loved every minute of it. After dinner, my mom and I headed back home. I called Steve as I walked into my room. The conversation was full of love and certainty. I told Steve that he was the one I was supposed to marry. He said I was the one too. we laughed, we cried. We were unofficially engaged and I was ecstatic.

Steve told his family the next day of his decision to marry me. They were suprised!

we couldn't decide on a date. Steve wanted April, I wanted August. April because it was coming up soon, and August, because I would be done with my first year of nursing and we could have the 7 week school break to do it. We decided August, which didn't end up working in the end. Was Steve going to stay in MN while I was in Idaho?

I met Brian and Alicia on Nov 20th and I meet the Mathias family over their thanksgiving get together on the 24th.

November 28th- a cold, below zero night. Steve comes to my house. He shows me some magic tricks that he does. He was GOOD! The last magic trick was my favorite. He makes a coin disappear ( I ruined the trick though) but he makes an engagement ring appear! YAY!

The night we got engaged.

"It's official!" ;)

Dec 5th- Steve and I decided to get married in April instead (which didn't work out either)

Steve decides that he will move to Idaho with me. It was a hard thing for him to do, to leave everything behind. He would have a new life now.

Dec 10th- Steve's Birthday. We were under so much stress... just thinking about what's going to happen... will he get accepted into BYU-I? Will I have time to spend with him since he will be living 40 minutes away? Will he find a job? Will I keep my grades? The next day we both booked our plance tickets. This was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, it was the beginning of a new book!


to make the long story shorter,

-Steve got into BYU-I
-I did well on my nursing classes
-We couldn't get married in April because of immigration issues
-The week after our anticipated wedding date (April 12th), I received my green card, which made it possible to marry Steve.
-We changed the date to May 24th
-We got married on May 24th in the St. Paul Temple.
-We are ONE strong, loving couple.

I thank the Lord every day for letting me marry such a wonderful man. I love Steve so much. He makes me happy in ways I could never have dreamed of.

So that's our wonderful story according to me!

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